Yeah, that's what Jeffrey said too. Oh, wait … Jeffrey said something about a Sacred Abil and the Trophy of Stavlini, or Stavriti, or Stav … something.Staviti? The hysteria in Emmy's voice was definitely becoming prominent now. The Trophy of Staviti? You stole the Trophy of Staviti?I clapped a hand over her mouth, trying to muffle her shriek. No! I answered reflexively. Or yes. Kind of. Maybe. Why?She gave a muffled answer, and I realised that I was still holding my hand over her mouth. I pulled away, allowing her to speak again.You don't know who Staviti is, Willa? Seriously? You couldn't pay attention in class even for that much?I knew it sounded familiar, I grumbled, feeling defensive. Is it the god of … um … food or something?

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