It had started to drizzle. The lamp poles cast a kaleidoscope of light dancing across the puddles in the road. The rain made Sam feel even more lost now, as if these shadowy events were invisible to the world. As if the night was cloaked in anonymity. This wasn't a peaceful rain - it was a sad one. A drizzle, which wept for the inevitable. Sam knew even if she got Alison out of this alive, the cuts on their lives had already been made, pooling the blood of consequence beneath their feet as the night dragged on. Whichever way this went, they'd have scars from this night. Scars and scabs and things which could not be spoken. And that made her feel utterly hopeless.

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abduction abuse consequence deluge despair driving-at-night driving-in-the-rain helplessness loneliness lonely-night no-recourse pain rain scars secrets thriller trauma victim-mentality

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