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Aayush Jain
Those leaders who fail, lack the capability to resonate their idea & thoughts
Alasdair Gray
One day you will tell me how to change what I cannot yet describe without my words swelling HUGE, vowels vanishing, tears washing ink away.
Criss Jami
A writer is one who communicates ideas and emotions people want to communicate but aren't quite sure how, or even if, they should communicate them.
Criss Jami
Vivid simplicity is the articulation, the nature of genius. Wisdom is greater than intelligence; intelligence is greater than philosobabble.
Criss Jami
Some concepts are so incredibly risky they take an honest fool to try to articulate them.
Fernando Pessoa
To say! To know how to say! To know how to exist via the written voice and the intellectual image! This is all that matters in life; the rest is men and women, imagined loves and factitious vanities, the wiles of our digestion and forgetfulness, people squirming
Utpal Vaishnav
Don't manipulate, articulate!