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Craig D. Lounsbrough
An exceptional future can only be built on the transformation of the mess I've made out of my past, not the elimination of that mess.
Criss Jami
Pride and power fall when the person falls, but discoveries of truth form legacies that can be built upon for generations.
Criss Jami
Let our information and social technologies raise awareness and not propaganda, build connections and not passive-aggression.
Deyth Banger
Each book which so far is written is filled with a new thoughts... new images... new arguments... new discussions.
Enock Maregesi
Kujenga urafiki na wanasiasa wakati mwingine ni kitu kizuri. Wanasaidia kurahisisha mambo.
Germany Kent
5 Ways To Build Your Brand on Social Media:1 Post content that add value2 Spread positivity3 Create steady stream of info4 Make an impact5 Be yourself
Ikechukwu Izuakor
Don't sell the warmer for an air conditioner just because its summer, for in winter, you will have to do the reverse.
Ikechukwu Izuakor
Don't only learn from the rich and successful men, also learn from the poor and those that failed woefully, for in their failures lies the secret of success as well.
Ikechukwu Izuakor
Don't cheat the foundation of a house because you want to save for the roofing for at the end, you will have only roofed rubbles.
Imania Margria
We shouldn't live in a world where we live in constant terror. We need less dying and more living. We need less destroying and more building. We need less hate and more love.
Jim Benton
I had the great idea of using markers to gently color the ants so I could tell them apart, but I learned that this is exactly like somebody trying to gently color on you with a thirty-story building. Without dwelling on the tragedy, I'd just like to say that I'm deeply sorry to Mr. Purple and the surviving Purple family.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Every house is built by a man. But Maker is the Builder of life.
Lois Farfel Stark
Our prism can become our prison
Magnus Nwagu Amudi
In life, everything is built. Have you thought about it. You built who you are, how you want to be perceived, you built your character, you chose to remain where you are, you are your own creator. You can choose to be something else. You are not what you were, you can be anything you choose to build.
Moderata Fonte
Men were created before women. ... But that doesn't prove their superiority
Richard L. Ratliff
If you build it well, a satisfaction comesAn honor to say I built that with fidelity,Purpose, value and integrity
Rick Yancey
Cities are more than the sum of their infrastructure. They transcend brick and mortar, concrete and steel. They're the vessels into which human knowledge is poured.
Steven Magee
The modern human has mastered the art of building toxic homes and cities.
Sunday Adelaja
While you were born with a self-worth and is a gift of God to you to begin your life with, your net worth is what you build here on earth and what you choose to do with the resources and gifts that you have been given.
Sunday Adelaja
People with victim mentality attracts people in their lives that tease them, abuse them and even bully them instead of building mutually benefitting relationships
Suzy Kassem
If you can show people how to build castles, make sure you do not neglect building and nurturing your own.
Suzy Kassem
Momentum builds success.