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Anna M. Aquino
In your life, the people become like a patchwork quilt. Some leave with you a piece that is bigger than you wanted and others smaller than you thought you needed. Some are that annoying itchy square in the corner, and others that piece of worn flannel. You leave pieces with some and they leave their pieces with you. All the while each and every square makes up a part of what is you. Be okay with the squares people leave you. For life is too short to expect from people what they do not have to give, or were not called to give you.
Chari Twitty-Hawkins
If it isn't one blessing, it's another!
Christian Hunt
Rationale still remains the greatest impediment to encountering God's mysteries.
Patty Houser
Knowing what we believe and why we believe it is not an option for the Christian, because as believers, OUR BELIEFS ARE THE VERY HEART OF WHO WE ARE.
Robin M. Bertram
Character is what is hidden deep, shows up in the worst of times, be it good or bad, and reflects the heart of a man.
Robin M. Bertram
Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, which is most greatly experienced in the heart of those willing to surrender all self-sufficiency: self-promotion, self-reliance, self-protection, and self-absorption: it is a gift given.