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A.A. Frias
It is difficult to have faith when our hearts are consumed by fear, but it is when we are afraid that we need to hang onto our faith the most.
Clarice Lispector
But now I want to say things that comfort me and that are a little free. For example: Thursdat is a day transparent as an insect's wing in the light. Just as Monday is a compact day. Ultimately, far beyond thought, I live from these ideas, if ideas is what they are. They are sensations that transform into ideas because I must use words. Even just using them mentally. The primary thought thinks with words.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
By choosing comfort we are in the very same decision choosing to miss every great thing in life, and that thought should be anything but comforting.
Criss Jami
Listen to God with a broken heart. He is not only the doctor who mends it, but also the father who wipes away the tears.
Deborah Day
Encourage, lift and strenthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.
Donna Lynn Hope
Affliction equips the suffering to empathize with others in anguish and not only does it strengthen them, it enables them to be consoling comforters in a world full of hurt.
Howard Bahr
Anna thought about the men outside on the gallery. She was glad they were there; finding them smoking and talking quietly had been comforting, it was what men did in the evenings when the work was done. Of course, the work was not done, and she doubted that it ever would be. It would go on and on, even after the house was emptied of strangers, long after the wildflowers had blossomed a hundred times on their graves.
Jacques Ellul
No matter what God's power may be, the first aspect of God is never that of the absolute Master, the Almighty. It is that of the God who puts himself on our human level and limits himself.
Jaymin Eve
Go to sleep, dweller-baby. I'll kill Elowin as soon as we find her. He didn't sound like he was kidding. Each word was low and laced with truth.Next time, just say like … sleep well, or something normal, I said. Not go to sleep, I'll be murdering someone in no time. It doesn't sound as comforting as you think it does.
Sanober Khan
We hold on to poetry because it lights a fire in our soul and keeps our bodies warm.