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It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered.
Agathe Colombier Hochberg
Freundschaft, ou quelque chose comme ça. Ta meilleure amie gagne un million au Loto, t'es contente pour elle et, en même temps, tu peux pas t'empêcher de penser avec rage: Pourquoi pas moi?.J'adore Ariane, mais quand je vois sa vie parfaite, c'est pareil. Pourquoi pas moi?.J'ai horreur de penser des trucs comme ça.
Amanda Craig
There was a certain usefulness in having a husband whom most people could barely tolerate: it deflected envy, for one thing.
Ann Brashares
You thought you had the choice to stay still or move forward, but your didn't. As long as your heart kept pumping an your blood kept blowing and your lungs kept filling, you didn't. The pang she felt for Tibby carried something like envy. You couldn't stand still for anything short of death, and God knew she had tried.
Anna Godbersen
He was a mystery to her, and every time she tried to solve him it caused her a little more pain. But when she tired to give him up he pursued her in her thoughts, stronger each time.
Anthony Liccione
There will always be haters. And the more you grow the more they hate; the more they hate the more you grow.
Anthony Liccione
Sometimes it's hard to look at a flower, when your dying inside.
Aravind Adiga
Chain of envy linked them, showing each what was lacking in life, but offering also the consolation that happiness was present right next door, in the life of a neighbour, an element of the same society.
Envy is for people who don't have the self-esteem to be jealous.
Bill Watterson
Years from now, when I'm successful and happy, ...and he's in prison... I hope I'm not too mature to gloat.
C. JoyBell C.
There is a magnificent, beautiful, wonderful painting in front of you! It is intricate, detailed, a painstaking labor of devotion and love! The colors are like no other, they swim and leap, they trickle and embellish! And yet you choose to fixate your eyes on the small fly which has landed on it! Why do you do such a thing?
C. JoyBell C.
If you swim effortlessly in the deep oceans, ride the waves to and from the shore, if you can breathe under water and dine on the deep treasures of the seas; mark my words, those who dwell on the rocks carrying nets will try to reel you into their catch. The last thing they want is for you to thrive in your habitat because they stand in their atmosphere where they beg and gasp for some air.
C. JoyBell C.
If you walk on sunlight, bathe in moonlight, breathe in a golden air and exhale a Midas' touch; mark my words, those who exist in the shadows will try to pull you into the darkness with them. The last thing that they want is for you to see the wonder of your life because they can't see theirs.
Camron Wright
The vain woman spent fortunes seeking out astrologers, sorcerers, and magicians who would concoct spells and potions to preserve her beauty and help her remain looking young--but envy is hard to cover.
Criss Jami
Jealousy from a love affair is something even God can admit.
Criss Jami
A poet should be so crafty with words that he is envied even for his pains.
Criss Jami
The motive behind criticism often determines its validity. Those who care criticize where necessary. Those who envy criticize the moment they think that they have found a weak spot.
Criss Jami
Ultimate prosperity is one's value within. It takes a man of depth, morality, and charm to be envied yet without a sign of wealth or romance. A passion to prove such inner worth is his permission to achieve whatever he desires.
Criss Jami
...There are also those who inadvertently grant power to another man's words by continuously trying to spite him. If a man gets to the point where he can simply say, 'The sky is blue,' and people indignantly rush up trying to refute him saying, 'No, the sky is light blue,' then, whether they realize it or not, he has become an authority figure even to such adversaries.
Criss Jami
The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it.
Criss Jami
If I were to envy any persons on this planet, it would be mountain hermits. You often hear old platitudes such as, 'Speak out. Be heard.' On the contrary, a breath of fresh air would be something like: 'Silence, think for at least 15 minutes, and then maybe speak out.
Criss Jami
When emerging from humble beginnings, those around you tend to underestimate your authenticity because they knew you before you were 'somebody'.
Criss Jami
No matter how kind you are, always expect a few imbeciles.
Criss Jami
Love begets wisdom, thus it is, as often misconceived, more than vain layers of tenderness; it is inherently rational and comprehensive of the problem within the problem: for instance, envy is one of the most excused sins in the media of political correctness. Those you find most attractive, or seem to have it all, are often some of the most insecure at heart, and that is because people assume that they do not need anything but defamation.
Debasish Mridha
Roots never get the appreciation that a flower does, but that doesn't make them envious.
Dorothy Parker
Inventory:Four be the things I am wiser to know:Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe.Four be the things I'd been better without:Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt.Three be the things I shall never attain:Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.Three be the things I shall have till I die:Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye.
Friedrich Nietzsche
There have been two great narcotics in European civilisation: Christianity and alcohol.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Do you think it is a vain hope that one day man will find joy in noble deeds of light and mercy, rather than in the coarse pleasures he indulges in today -- gluttony, fornication, ostentation, boasting, and envious vying with his neighbor? I am certain this is not a vain hope and that the day will come soon.
Haresh Sippy
Better an unsung HERO than the source of envy.
Henry Fielding
...the pleasures of the world are chiefly folly, and the business of it mostly knavery, and both nothing better than vanity; the men of pleasure tearing one another to pieces from the emulation of spending money, and the men of business from envy in getting it.
Israelmore Ayivor
Leaders don't cheat; they don't envy. Leaders don't hate; they don't curse. Leadership is a positive service to mankind.
Israelmore Ayivor
You don't see someone flying and you begin to bite yourself for not being able to do that. You do what you can.
Janet Fitch
Rena noticed me watching it pass. 'You think they don't got problem?' Rena said. 'Everybody got problem. You got me, they got insurance, house payment, Preparation H.' She smiled, baring the part between her two upper teeth. 'We are the free birds. They want to be us.
Jennifer Elisabeth
I feel blindfolded at sunset.
Jess C. Scott
I envy people that know love. That have someone who takes them as they are.
Jess C. Scott
One hand was behind his back, and he held it out, presenting a bouquet of white and smoky purple lilies. They're straight from the underworld, by the way. They are everlasting. They won't die.
Jodi Picoult
Envy, after all, comes from wanting something that isn't yours. But grief comes from losing something you've already had.
Kamand Kojouri
My love, you are driving the entire world mad. The nightingales are committing suicide one by one out of jealousy of your voice. The roses took one glance at your beauty and folded themselves from shame. The trees now only whisper your name and the sky hasn't stopped crying since you looked up. Have pity on us, my love. We have already broken all the mirrors and glass out of fear that you will forget us and fall in love with yourself once you see what we all cannot stop seeing.
Kamand Kojouri
Poetry is jealous of you tonight, for as soon as I come to pen a few words, your perfume attacks me in the most civilised manner and I forget myself. I forget the poem. I forget the ...
Kamand Kojouri
Is it odd, my love, that I envy others who have not met you for the intoxication they have yet to experience? Is it odd that I wish to witness you with new eyes so I may have the pleasure of falling for you all over again? I am grateful, so grateful, for knowing the meaning of your various sighs. For being the cause of your ecstatic cries. But, if only for a moment, I wish to let you fall out of my hands so that I may catch you again. You, my love, are the oddity. You are my exception.
Kate Chisman
We ruined each other by being together. We destroyed each other's dreams.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Resentment lies in the heart of fools.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Resentment leads to rude behaviour.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Jealousy is a detestable motive.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Waste no time to compare yourself with others. Find your soul.
Lailah Gifty Akita
I do not envy those who live a comfortable life.
Leslie W.P. Garland
Or is it that slow paced evil creeps in when it espies and envies happiness, and then takes a deliberate foul delight in spoiling it?
Lorraine Zago Rosenthal
She was wearing her fuzzy pink hat and she was happy, which was so obnoxious. She'd become one of those people who waltzed through life without so much as a split end, and I was still one of those people who changed diapers for free but still got treated like a rented mule.
Mahatma Gandhi
The only difference between man and man all the world over is one of degree, and not of kind, even as there is between trees of the same species.Where in is the cause for anger, envy or discrimination?
Maria Elena
We may be just a drop in the ocean, but even the ocean envies the depth of our love.
Marty Rubin
What's wrong with people is people. There's no cure for that.
Melina Marchetta
Lucian's father had warned him to fear idle men. Without the pride gained from a good day's work, they were left to their vices and the doubts that crowded their head. Their hatred. Their envy.
Michael Bassey Johnson
Don't show a friend your gift, or your bag of money if you still want to maintain your relationship, but if nay, go on, and all you'll see is hate and jealousy, and you'll fight with him in the street like a dog and all you'll feel is regret.
Michael Bassey Johnson
Merry hearts are vulnerable to death, don't be over-joyed to the state of oblivion, lest the enemy poison your meal.
Mike Norton
Never hold resentments for the person who tells you what you need to hear; count them among your truest, most caring, and valuable friends.
Mike Norton
The bittersweet about truth is that nothing could be more hurtful, yet nothing could be more helpful.
Mircea Popister
They say watch the breathing, watch the diet and for God's sake make that kid go quiet. But they never say: I am wrong and you are right, because the self
Mircea Popister
They say watch the breathing, watch the diet and for God's sake make that kid go quiet. But they never say: I am wrong and you are right, because the self
Miya Yamanouchi
Female competition is when you are with a guy you like and you look around, see a girl who is prettier than you standing nearby, and think to yourself: I wish she wasn't here. -This is what happens when you attach your identity and sense of worth to the amount of male attention you receive.
Mizan Chaudhury
Be jealous of fellow men, but of those men who are pious - your fellow men who are honest, sincere and loyal with their friends, family and teachings of their Creator. See everyone as equal and wish no harm on anyone - who are we to judge each other when we are being judged by our Creator.
Moderata Fonte
[M]en, though they know full well how much women are worth and how great the benefits we bring them, nonetheless seek to destroy us out of envy for our merits. It's just like the crow, when it produces white nestlings: it is so stricken by envy, knowing how black it is itself, that it kills its own offspring out of pique.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some people talk about other people's failures with so much pleasure that you would swear they are talking about their own successes.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some people are each envious of the person they used to be.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some people hate people who are overconfident, only because their overconfidence reminds them of their underconfidence.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some people are each holding on to a lover of theirs who no longer loves them and/or who they no longer love, only because they do not want to have a reason or another reason to be jealous of the person who would eventually be their lover if they let go of them.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
For a sane person to sincerely be happy that someone has succeeded, they have to either be profiting or likely to profit from that person's success, or be that person.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
He who is jealous is better off not dating someone who is bisexual.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
We envy people who are extremely old because we wish to live that long, not because we want to be that old.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Because he has finally realized that it is it and not him that is loved by the woman he loves, many a man is jealous of his own car, house, wardrobe, or salary.
Munia Khan
Wings can only flyas long as the bird flies Soul blackens when you put on vestment of lies White candle wax criesfor ignitable wickJealous people burnto make your heart feel sick
Neel Burton
Resentment is a powerful and corrosive force, both on the slippery left and the slippery right, and the history of humankind can largely be read as a history of resentment. Aside from a profound philosophy of capital, what we really need is a profound psychology and philosophy of resentment. We must learn to live for ourselves, without reference to the other, and, at the same time, to rise above and beyond ourselves. Or else history will keep repeating itself, and our life will be a living death.
Orrin Woodward
Be discerning with rumors on leaders, for most are birthed by the envy of the idle or the desperation of the defeated.
Peter S. Beagle
Envy nobody. It is the true secret of happiness, or at least the only one I know. (By Moonlight)
Robert Wells
I had forgotten. Disgust shadows desire.Another life is never safely envied.
Rupi Kaur
what terrifies me most is how wefoam at the mouth with envywhen others succeedbut sigh in reliefwhen they are failingour struggle tocelebrate each other iswhat's proven most difficultin being human
Sam Lipsyte
How much I'd always envied the tight life of voles. The hidey hole was happiness.
Santosh Kalwar
Those people, who hate you, envy your freedom.
Sarah-Kate Lynch
I've envied you over the years, carving out a different life for yourself, going where the wind blows you. That takes guts.For the briefest sliver in time, the world shimmered and Sugar saw her life as an enviable jewel: a shining gem radiating energy and possibility that no one but she would ever possess, no matter what its deficiencies.
Shannon L. Alder
The way you think about yourself determines your reality. You are not being hurt by the way people think about you. Many of those people are a reflection of how you think about yourself.
Shannon L. Alder
Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn't change the heart of others-- it only changes yours.
Shannon L. Alder
You can't always expect people to apply your wisdom when they didn't use wisdom before they found themselves knee deep in their version of justice.
Sunday Adelaja
Medical Science Has Determined Envy, Anger Are Responsible For Plethora Of Medical Conditions
Sunday Adelaja
It means that the lack of knowledge is the foundation for all life failures, destruction, depression, difficulties, hatred, bitterness, envy, etc.
Suzy Kassem
Every flower blooms at its own pace.
Suzy Kassem
Beware of those who are bitter, for they will never allow you to enjoy your fruit.
Suzy Kassem
If you hold a candle close to you, its flame rises. And if you hold it away from you, its flame shrinks. The same way you hold a candle close to you, keep all your plans, aspirations, projects, and dreams close to you too. Do not share your plans or goals until you complete them, because as you hold your candle away from you
Suzy Kassem
If only you could see the greatness in yourself, you wouldn't envy the greatness in others.
Suzy Kassem
Beware of those who criticize you when you deserve some praise for an achievement, for it is they who secretly desire to be worshiped.
Suzy Kassem
If you hold a candle close to you, its flame rises. And if you hold it away from you, its flame shrinks. The same way you hold a candle close to you, keep all your plans, aspirations, projects, and dreams close to you too. Do not share your plans or goals until you complete them, because as you hold your candle away from you
Suzy Kassem
Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower. Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty.
Takayuki Yamaguchi
He had been dazzled. Because of the dazzling brightness, he had had to kill [Seigen]. All who had encountered Seigen had had their hearts stolen by that brightness. That envy had turned to malice.
We're here to work, not to make friends,
Teresa R. Funke, Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life blog
Spend one more day in pursuit of art that only you can produce, and somewhere, someone is envying your courage to do just that.
Theodore Roosevelt
Comparison is the thief of joy.
Umberto Eco
Since I became a novelist I have discovered that I am biased. Either I think a new novel is worse than mine and I don't like it, or I suspect it is better than my novels and I don't like it.
Vironika Tugaleva
Each person you admire is simply a reminder of your own latent excellence, your own unacknowledged beauty.
Wayne Gerard Trotman
People who copy you will always be one step behind.
William P. Smith
When I realize that God makes his gifts fit each person, there's no way I can covet what you got because it just wouldn't fit me.