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Amy Leigh Mercree
I honor and love the fairy folk and am excited to keep getting know them for the rest of my life!
Amy Leigh Mercree
Fairy magic is present in every ray of sunlight and each joyful moment. Embrace the living essence of nature.
Cassandra Clare
Truth is to be found in dreams, the King said, looking down at them. From this angle, Emma could see that odd splitting of his face ended at his throat, which was ordinary skin. Tell me, Shadowhunters: you enter a cave. Inside the cave is and egg, lit from within and glowing. You know that it beats with you dreams-not the ones you have during the day, but the ones you half-remember in the morning. It splits open.What emerges? A rose, said Mark. With thorns. Cristina cut her eyes toward him in surprise but remained motionless. An angel, she said. With bloody hands. A knife, said Emma. Pure and clean. Bars, Julian said quietly. The bars of a prison cell.
Charlotte Eriksson
Sweet girl, maybe close the world off and look at him for an houror two.This is your fairy. It ain't perfect and it ain't honey sweet with roses on the bed.It's real and raw and ugly at times. But this is your love. Don't throw it away searching for someone else's love. Don't be greedy. Instead, shelter it. Protect it. Capture every second of easy, pull through every storm of hardship. And when you can, look at him, lying next to you, trusting you not to harm him. Trusting you not to go. Be someone's someone for someone.Be that someone for him.
Chérie De Sues
WEST SALEM ~ October 2011A sudden vision, fraught with malevolence and darkness, obscured her sight. The face of a menacing figure turned from the shadows of his grisly handiwork and stared at Sorcha.Her muscles tensed. By the Goddess, could he see her?Please! No!She wanted to scream, to run, but the vision ensnared her into the horrific moment like a fly in a spider's web.
Dawn French
Funny how women are ashamed of their inner fairy whereas men are forever proudly displaying their inner cowboy or fireman
Dawn French
There is a latent fairy in all women, but look how carefully we have to secrete her in order to be taken seriously. And fairies come in all shapes, colours, sizes and types, they don't have to be fluffy. They can be demanding and furious if hey like. They do, however, have to wear a tiara. That much is compulsory.
Desiree Williams
You, Faery Man, are wonderful.
Destinee Hardwick
The first rule in the book of love is acceptance.
Erik Pevernagie
We need not be afraid of expecting the unexpected, but let us wheedle each instant we enjoy and endear each happy moment we encounter; let us watch each step we take and each move we make, ever since happiness is a loving and appealing fairy, but utterly frail and vulnerable. (Happy days are back again)
Hope Mirrlees
The country people, indeed, did not always clearly distinguish between the Fairies and the dead. They called them both the 'Silent People'; and the Milky Way they thought was the path along which the dead were carried to Fairyland.
J.M. Barrie
David tells me that fairies never say 'We feel happy': what they say is, 'We feel dancey'.
Kailin Gow
There is no law stronger than that ofmagic. - Kian
Kailin Gow
We are meant to be. He pressed his lips to mine again; against myself, against my worry, I once again succumbed to the power of his kiss. I know that now. Our love is stronger than magic, stronger than the laws of all Feyland. It will survive this...whatever the future brings. - Prince Kian, Silver Frost.
Kailin Gow
Hush, I said. I'm here, and I'm not letting you out of my sight anytime soon so keep holding me tight. I looked down, a little more than afraid of plummeting hundreds of feet down.- Breena to Kian, Silver Frost
Luna Lindsey
Unseelie dreams make unseelie fae.
Nalini Singh
Somehow the idea of Montgomery as a fairy doesn't have the same effect on me as it appears to have on you.-Raphael
Sarah Rajkotwala
Humans need to learn the lesson of acceptance when things seem to go awry, know that this is only temporary, your flow of good is assured with acceptance, gratefulness, love and joy. - fairy quote
Sarah Rajkotwala
The earth sometimes rewards humans who do good works for the planet. Look out for unexpected windfalls of produce from the earth such as baskets of fruit or vegetables given to you unexpectedly, nature handcrafts, or a bunch of flowers picked from a beloved garden. These are all signs that the gifts not only came from the giver but from Mother Earth herself. - Fairy of the woods
Sunday Adelaja
Stop listening to fairy that money grows on the tree
Tracey-anne McCartney
She placed her arms and hands strategically over the areas of her body that she felt uncomfortable with, but he moved closer, and his hands gently pulled them away too. There's no need to hide from me, you're beautiful. His lips then softly kissed the places that she tried to hide. At first, she felt self-conscious, but after taking several deep breaths, she focused purely on him, and not on her fears of not being sexy enough. She felt open, perhaps a little too exposed, more naked inside than out. She knew that her old inhibitions were causing her nervousness, and tried harder to relax. It was difficult having someone looking deeper than her just her body, something she wasn't used to.
W.B. Yeats
There are some doubters even in the western villages. One woman told me last Christmas that she did not believe either in hell or in ghosts. Hell she thought was merely an invention got up by the priest to keep people good; and ghosts would not be permitted, she held, to go 'trapsin about the earth' at their own free will; 'but there are faeries,' she added, 'and little leprechauns, and water-horses, and fallen angels.' I have met also a man with a mohawk Indian tattooed upon his arm, who held exactly similar beliefs and unbeliefs. No matter what one doubts one never doubts the faeries, for, as the man with the mohawk Indian on his arm said to me, 'they stand to reason.' Even the official mind does not escape this faith. (Reason and Unreason)