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Arthur Manuel
There is room on this land for all of us and there must also be, after centuries of struggle, room for justice for Indigenous peoples. That is all we ask. And we will settle for nothing less.
Brad Jensen
Fall into the cavern of my mind, and together there, we will dine.
Brad Jensen
Pull back the curtain and jump down the rabbit hole.
John Lundin
You are the sun and the rain, the water and the plants, the birds and the animals. There is no such thing as 'nature,' apart from you and me. You are nature, I am nature, just as you are me and I am you.
John Lundin
Nothing should go un-noticed.
Oren Lyons
We've got to think now, in real terms, for that seventh generation . . . We've got to get back to spiritual law if we are to survive.
Indigence is one of those states, politicians less likely wish to manage.