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Charles S. Stamper
The answer is always No until you ask. - Ref James 4:2
Erik Pevernagie
It's hard to safeguard a genuine life course, when love tips over from endearing care into tedium, through laziness of imagination or loss of interest, and the storyline becomes barren and desolate, insipidly dull, turning into a threadbare act with the same trite modus operandi. The same procedure as every year, James! (Things needing to be changed)
James Frey
Are we biology or God or something higher? I know my heart beats and I listen to it. The beat is biology, but what is the song?
James Patterson
Now, Max, I think we both know your parents aren't missionaries.I opened my eyes wide. No? Well, for God's sake, don't tell them. They'd be crushed. Thinking they're doing the Lord's work and all.
James Sallis
Rina's always claimed that I expect too little from life, Standard said.Then at least you'll never be disappointed.
L.J. Smith
I told you. You don't love someone because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song only your heart can understand.
Marthe Jocelyn
He's the meanest one. We call him..Byrd the Turd