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Agatha Bird
And Talon did not understand
Alyxandra Harvey
You were at the party on Friday night, weren't you? I didn't mentioned I'd followed him into the woods.He leaned back in his chair, his legs sprawled out. His boots nudged the bottom ruffle of my skirt. Aye.Aye? Seriously? Could he be any hotter?Unless he had been looking for his girlfriend at the party.Not hot.I was supposed to meet my cousin, he elaborated, but I didn't find her,Hot again.
Amie Kaufman
Interviewer: So. Tell me about your mother.Ezra: You're taping this, right?Interviewer: Audio only. Camera is faulty.Ezra: Okay, well for the benefit of the sight-impaired, I am now raising my… oh, dear… yes, it's my MIDDLE finger at Mr. Postgrad here.Interviewer: Mr. Mason...Ezra: Now I'm wiggling it.Interviewer: Terminating interview at 13:58 on 03/19/75.Ezra: Look at it wiggl--audio ends-
Amunhotep El Bey
In my book an erection constitutes personal growth.
Amunhotep El Bey
Only love will attract love.~ Amunhotep El Bey
Amunhotep El Bey
Love is as we will it to be. ~ Amunhotep El Bey
E. Lockhart
Gideon laughed. I like to be direct.Okay, I said. But I warn you, I like to be evasive, inserutable and generally send mixed messages. I doubt it.Human interaction is not my strong point, I told him. Not seriously.Seriously, I said. Thinking: There is so much about me he doesn't know. Gideon put his hand on my leg. What's your strong point, then?Goats, I told him. I am excellent with goats.
Ellen DeGeneres
I'm a godmother, that's a great thing to be, a godmother. She calls me god for short, that's cute, I taught her that.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
It's all life is. Just going 'round kissing people.
Isobelle Carmody
Maruman does not loll.
James Patterson
A classroom . People trying to stick me in classrooms was becoming as predictable and annoying as people trying to kill me, but with less-fun results.
James Patterson
Okay, so, flying, I started, taking a deep breath and focusing on the thing I loved most in the world. Flying is … great. It feels great when you're doing it. It's fun. Pure freedom. There's nothing better.Dylan smiled, a slow, easy smile that seemed to light up his whole face.So the first thing we're going to do, I told him, is push you off the roof.
James Patterson
I want to do it too! said Gazzy, sitting very, very quietly, completely motionless.Nope, said Nudge, shaking her head. You stand out like a fart in church.
Jay McLean
Nothing says awkward like coming in your pants while dry humping.
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Are you two you know? Jacob pointed at us. Together? Together? I didn't get a chance to answer. Cam spun me around and kissed me, right there between the two buildings. It was no friendly peck on the lips. When our tongues touched, my bag slipped off my arm and hit the frosted ground.Holy crap, Jacob muttered. I think they're going to make babies.
Natsuki Takaya
Kyo Sohma: One of these days I'll make you say you're sorry Yuki Sohma: looking bored I'm sorry. Kyo Sohma: Dammit That's not what I meant Don't you have any shame Yuki Sohma: still looking annoyed Yes I'm ashamed to be seen with you shouting in public. Kyo Sohma: Oh that's it We're taking this outside Yuki Sohma: still looking annoyed We ARE outside you stupid cat.
Natsuki Takaya
Shigure Sohma: So anyway I was wondering if you could stop by the house and take a look at Tohru's cut. That is if it isn't a problem.Hatori Sohma: No problem. I'll stop by the house this evening. Shigure Sohma: Hmmm What's this Hatori I don't think I ever heard you sound so eager to come over. Could it be you have a secret crush on Tohru [long silence from the other end of the phone]Shigure Sohma: [shouts] I knew it You naughty naughty man you Hatori Sohma: No I was simply too amazed by your stupidity to say anything.
Nenia Campbell
When they figure out how to bottle up orgasms and sell them as a food additive, I'll be first in line.
There are men and gods, and beings like Pythagoras.
Rachel Caine
Claire found herself staring at his feet, which were in bunny slippers. Myrnin looked down. What? he asked. They're quite comfortable. He lifted on to look at it, and the ears wobbled in the air. Of course they are, she said. Just when she thought Myrnin was getting his mental act together, he'd do something like that. Or maybe he was just messing with her. He liked to do that, and his dark eyes were fixed on her now, assessing just how weirded-out she was. Which, on the grade scale of zero to Myrnin, wasn't much.
Richelle Mead
Your... Your aura. It's... amazing. It's shining. I mean, it always shines, but today... Well I've never seen anything like it. I didn't expect that after everything that happened.'I shifted around uncomfortably. If I lit up around Dimitri normally, what on earth happened to my aura post-sex?
Rick Riordan
Leo, Hazel gasped, I can't
Rick Riordan
Everyone thinks you've been kidnapped, he said. We've been scouring the ship. When Coach Hedge finds out- oh, gods, you've been here all night?Frank! Annabeth's ears were as red as strawberries. We just came down here to talk. We fell asleep. Accidentally. That's it.Kissed a couple of times, Percy said.Annabeth glared at him. Not helping!
Rick Riordan
When I was alive, I mean the first time, Mussolini was in charge. We were at war.Mussolini? Leo frowned. Wasn't he like BFFs with Hitler?
Rick Riordan
Leo, Hazel gasped, I can't
S.K. Tremayne
Please leave the stone on the seat, it is to keep out the mink.
Sara Wolf
I would love to slap you right now, but I'm currently wielding a nine pound ball and I'm afraid that would be called murder.
Sara Wolf
How did you find me? If you hacked into the Club's computer to look up my appointments - Whoa, I think you overestimate me, shitlord. Last time I checked all I did was be in the wrong place at the right time. I saw you and had to - Stalk me. - delicately approach you. In a sideways manner. From behind. Without being seen at all. For ten minutes.
Tessa Dare
Izzy was utterly convinced. Never mind Arabian horses, African cheetahs. No creature in the world could bolt so quickly as a rake confronted with the word marriage. They ought to shout it out at footraces rather than using starting pistols.Ready, steady... matrimony!