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Bangambiki Habyarimana
It's unfortunate to be bitten by political ambition. The deadly disease causes a man to want to access power by all means either by sacrificing others to its altar or by sacrificing himself when he fails.
DaShanne Stokes
We owe our loyalty to each other and to our children's children, not to party politics.
Donavan Nelson Butler, Master Sergeant US Army
In all trust there is a possibility of betrayal, but without trust there is no friendship, closeness, or the emotional bonds that give us so much happiness when the time is right for it. Trust is a hardening agent to all relationships as Carbon is to Iron to create Steel combined in the desired amounts
Genereux Philip
Stuck in a generation where loyalty is just a tattoo, love is just a quote and lying is the new truth.
Matshona Dhliwayo
A flower takes a while to grow, but can die in an instant; this is how it is with trust.
Matshona Dhliwayo
A bird will only eat from a hand it trusts.
Matshona Dhliwayo
A woman's beauty is worth little to you, a woman's intelligence is worth much to you, a woman's virtue is worth more to you, a woman's love is worth the most to you, and a woman's loyalty is worth everything to you.
Mehmet Murat ildan
A full loyalty to the leader merely fits to the dogs, not to the humans!
Peprah Boasiako
Loyalty to others speaks volumes about loyalty to self. To love others, one must truly love him/herself first.
Stephanie Lahart
Some people take loyalty way too far. I have boundaries when it comes to loyalty. Yes, I'm loyal, but not to a fault. I cannot and will not compromise myself for other people's senseless behavior. I have common sense, a great deal of wisdom, and I value my life. Loyalty shouldn't cost you your integrity, freedom, or your life. Think!