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A.A. Milne
Whatever his weight in pounds and ounces, he always seems bigger because of his bounces.
Abhijit Naskar
Truth in the human world, is constructed, defined and then reconstructed by the human self.
Abhijit Naskar
​Belief is personal, Knowledge is Universal.
Abhijit Naskar
Criticisms of a society filled with fools have no power in them to bother the sage that has emerged from the agonizing fire of misery.
Abhijit Naskar
The purpose of education should ultimately be the advancement of the species. And for this to actually happen, the world needs the kind of education by means of which character is formed, strength of the mind is increased and the human intellect is expanded beyond its own limits.
Abhijit Naskar
​You can find the answers to the most complicated questions of life from your deepest self. Pay attention and listen.
Abhijit Naskar
every single explanation that your brain concocts about a certain phenomenon on earth, is merely a virtual hunch of the neurons. Now, when your brain has access to more information, the resulting hunch would be more accurate, than another person who has less access.
Abhijit Naskar
Truth, independent of the Self, is irrelevant to the biological existence of human life.
Abhijit Naskar
From the tiniest experience of your daily life to your grand perception of the universe, in various situations, the human brain tends to create its own myth and stories.
Abhijit Naskar
You must hiss at people who intend to undermine your individuality with their false pride and intellectual stupidity. You must frighten them away, lest they should do you harm. Act like you have a lot of venom inside you, but never inject them into anyone.
Abhijit Naskar
Have faith in yourself. All the power is in your biology already. Be conscious of that power and bring it out. Remember, truth is indestructible, virtue is indestructible, purity is indestructible.
Abhijit Naskar
I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor did I have access to information like you do today via the internet. I had to learn everything the hard way. And I had to become a scientist the old-fashioned way, which is, not through academia, but through trial and error. And my hardship opened up unforeseen gateways of perception in my mind. And through these gateways, today the whole world is able to see its inner self.
Abhijit Naskar
When you don't have explanation for a certain phenomenon, as a real human, you should suspend judgement, instead of concocting supernatural explanations out of ignorance and primordial fanaticism.
Abhijit Naskar
Light up the radiant flame of conscience, goodwill and compassion in your heart, and go over the length and breadth of your society in the pursuit of shedding light over the whole world. And in time, you'll become a glorious sun that will shine over the entire human population.
Abhijit Naskar
When a person believes that a God is truly concerned about the well-being of life on earth, and especially of human life, the belief adorns that person with various positive psychological elements such as emotional stability, in times of distress and a highly functional moral compass. Here this belief has nothing to do with reality whatsoever, rather it serves the evolutionary purpose of self-preservation.
Abhijit Naskar
The perception of reality is something that is constructed by the human mind based on its own needs and knacks.
Abhijit Naskar
Never focus your attention on what the world has to say about you. Rather turn your focus inside and listen to what your inner voice has to say to you. You can find the answers to the most complicated questions of life from your deepest self. Pay attention and listen. Your inner self has to say something to you. Listen to that eternal entity within, and you shall discover the way through which you'll reach your goal.
Abhijit Naskar
We were the only two people in the entire airport who lost total track of time, for we were consumed by space-time at that present moment. Time was irrelevant to our existence, for we didn't want to exist outside the tight and glorious knots of each other's arms. Time is basically an illusion created by the mind to aid in our sense of temporal presence in the vast ocean of space. Without the neurons to create a virtual perception of the past and the future based on all our experiences, there is no actual existence of the past and the future. All that there is, is the present.
Abhijit Naskar
Infinite and finite are both mental constructs.
Abhijit Naskar
With each drop of tear that we shed in our times of excruciating pain, our brain constructs majestic new cellular connections to aid in the pursuit of our passion - in the pursuit of truth.
Abhijit Naskar
It is better to be foolish than a dilettante.
Abhijit Naskar
Do not listen to a single soul, but your own inner voice. Foster your will and make it as wild as possible. Dive deep into the mysterious fathoms of the universe and accomplish your purpose by hook or by crook, even if it means going down to the bottom of the ocean to meet your doom.
Abhijit Naskar
Never focus your attention on what the world has to say about you. Rather turn your focus inside and listen to what your inner voice has to say to you.
Abhijit Naskar
The concern of your brain is not to see the actual nature of reality, but to represent the reality to you in such a way that suits your needs.
Abhijit Naskar
You are surrounded by ignorance, savagery and fanaticism. You live in a society where everyone thinks he/she knows about everything in the whole universe. If you find yourself among those intellectual idiots, then being good and humble may give rise to doubts in your mind about your own ideas. So, you must first learn to distinguish between real and shallow intellect. Then, as a self- preservation tactic, you need to let your pretence of arrogance grow as big as a Dinosaur, so that the fake intellectuals start to realize their true inferiority in front of you.
Abhijit Naskar
All achievements begin with the simple cognitive faculties known as perception and imagination. Expand your perception. Expand your imagination. Be aware of your inner strength. Realize yourself. Realize your abilities. Be sincere to nobody else, but yourself. Keep walking on the path of bravery. Keep walking on the path of your passion. Keep walking, and do not stop until you reach your goal. And remember, there will always be another goal to be achieved. So, have pleasure from the pursuit.
Agatha Christie
The evidence of history is against you. The contemporary historian never writes such a true history as the historian of a later generation. It is a question of getting the true perspective, of seeing things in proportion.
Alaric Hutchinson
Fear and paranoia create many of our worldly struggles. We get something in our minds and our distorted perception sculpts the reality of what we see. Even though what we see isn't really there, we tend to act as if it is. We then begin to put people and things into boxes, labeling them, and limiting them due to our fears.
Alex Morritt
Casting a curious gaze down on planet Earth, extra-terrestrial beings could well be forgiven for assuming that we humans are programmed in every move we make, by a palm-sized, oblong, slab of glass. More perplexing than that, who on earth could convince them otherwise ?
Alexandra Katehakis
People often ask: If there's a God, how can He allow so much suffering in the world? Realize all world suffering you perceive is a mirror to your own psychological self-abuse, gender imbalance, prejudice, poverty, and hunger. You couldn't even perceive each suffering aspect of external reality if it didn't already exist within you. Touch and transmute your own psychological suffering, and perceive the world in kind.
Amish Tripathi
There are many realities. There are many versions of what may appearobvious. Whatever appears as the unshakeable truth, its exact oppositemay also be true in another context. After all, one's reality is butperception, viewed through various prisms of context.
Amy Tan
And then it occurs to me. They are frightened. In me, they see their own daughters, just as ignorant, just as unmindful of all the truths and hopes they have brought to America. They see daughters who grow impatient when their mothers talk in Chinese, who think they are stupid when they explain things in fractured English. They see that joy and luck do not mean the same to their daughters, that to these closed American-born minds joy luck is not a word, it does not exist. They see daughters who will bear grandchildren born without any connecting hope passed from generation to generation.
Angie karan
In my perception and self - awareness of life, I see the big picture ~ I see my self ~ the place of my true home ~ the home of my soul.You are the Master of your own life - The key and beauty of your soul.
Ansel Adams
No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.
Anthony Liccione
I see you better in music, I hear you better in wind, I feel you more in a flooding moonlight, that understands nothing, but darkness and silence.
Antonia Fraser
[In 16th century European society] Marriage was the triumphal arch through which women, almost without exception, had to pass in order to reach the public eye. And after marriage followed, in theory, the total self-abnegation of the woman.
Anurag Shourie
Heaven is all around us. All we need is perception; to extol the melodies of Nature's orchestra.
Armin Houman
Movement is knowledge. Art is perception
Ashly Lorenzana
All we know is what we're told.
Those that dare not to dream big are cowards, for they fear to expose the already great potentials embedded inside of them.
Ayn Rand
Andrei, did you like the opera?Not particularly.Andrei, do you see what you're missing?I don't think I do, Kira. It's all rather silly. And useless.Can't you enjoy things that are useless, merely because they are beautiful?No. But I enjoyed it.The music?No. The way you listened to it.
Barbara Hurd
To love a swamp, however, is to love what is muted and marginal, what exists in the shadows, what shoulders its way out of mud and scurries along the damp edges of what is most commonly praised. And sometimes its invisibility is a blessing. Swamps and bogs are places of transition and wild growth, breeding grounds, experimental labs where organisms and ideas have the luxury of being out of the spotlight, where the imagination can mutate and mate, send tendrils into and out of the water.
Ben H. Winters
Sometimes it's possible, just barely possible, to imagine a version of this world different from the existing one, a world in which there is true justice, heroic honesty, a clear perception possessed by each individual about how to treat all the others. Sometimes I swear I could see it, glittering in the pavement, glowing between the words in a stranger's sentence, a green, impossible vision--the world as it was meant to be, like a mist around the world as it is.
Bruce Cockburn
One day you're waiting for the sky to fallThe next you're dazzled by the beauty of it all
Burkhard Bilger
One of the seats of emotion and memory in the brain is the amygdala, he explained. When something threatens your life, this area seems to kick into overdrive, recording every last detail of the experience. The more detailed the memory, the longer the moment seems to last. This explains why we think that time speeds up when we grow older, Eagleman said--why childhood summers seem to go on forever, while old age slips by while we're dozing. The more familiar the world becomes, the less information your brain writes down, and the more quickly time seems to pass.
Carroll Bryant
A sin is nothing more than regret. Not for doing it once, but doing it again when you know you're going to regret it.
Cathy Burnham Martin
Screaming and repeating lies makes them neither true nor more believable.
Christine de Pizan
The man or the woman in whom resides greater virtue is the higher; neither the loftiness nor the lowliness of a person lies in the body according to the sex, but in the perfection of conduct and virtues.
Christopher Hitchens
Even if it were possible to cast my horoscope in this one life, and to make an accurate prediction about my future, it would not be possible to 'show' it to me because as soon as I saw it my future would change by definition. This is why Werner Heisenberg's adaptation of the Hays Office
Christopher Hitchens
Even if it were possible to cast my horoscope in this one life, and to make an accurate prediction about my future, it would not be possible to 'show' it to me because as soon as I saw it my future would change by definition. This is why Werner Heisenberg's adaptation of the Hays Office
Clive Barker
It is great good health to believe as the Hindus do that there are 33 million gods and goddesses in the world. It is great good health to want to understand one s dreams. It is great good health to desire the ambiguous and paradoxical. It is sickness of the profoundest kind to believe that there is one reality. There is sickness in any piece of work or any piece of art seriously attempting to suggest that the idea that there is more than one reality is somehow redundant.
Colson Whitehead
We never see other people anyway, only the monsters we make of them.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
Because I have 'chosen' to see something as impossible, there's a good chance that it's not.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
We must clean the lens of our hearts to see the state of our souls. However, too often the former is too dirty to even know that the latter exists.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
To think that we grasp the fullness of life is to say that by holding a mere drop of water in our hands we are able to understand the immensity of the ocean.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
It is not the chains of some tyrant that robs us of freedom. Rather, it is the staleness of our attitude.
Criss Jami
The theistic philosopher has a tendency to devalue insufficient worldviews, ideologies, and quite often common sense for the greater good, and in such cases, one should not be discouraged when seen as a bad guy. If he stresses over man's perception of a righteous heart, then he has given his heart to man.
Criss Jami
To be intuitive is to possess a godly characteristic: to be bad at second-guessing the good.
Criss Jami
Christ delves far beyond the means of superficiality, not simply because of his immaculate love, but also because he considers the distinct cases of each individual rather than withholding a broadened perception by use of stereotypes.
Criss Jami
Great minds think alike because a greater Mind is thinking through them.
Criss Jami
I'm often painted as the bad guy, and the artistic part of me wants to hand out the brush.
Criss Jami
There is this common notion that young conservatives are the few, that most people had liberal worldviews when they were young. If this is true, then it is with great irony that a number of old liberals must never had progressed into conservatives as they grew older.
Criss Jami
You can never make someone like something they don't like, but you can always help them to better understand it.
Criss Jami
Think outside the box? Indeed. But to add balance to that, one should not in the process forget what the inside of the box looks like as well. Those who are best at thinking outside the box do it not to puff themselves up, but to see how small they really are. As a contented fish in its fish tank appears to have a small, boring existence to us, imagine a larger, more perceptive kingdom (even by scientific taxonomy) to whom our contented existences may appear to be small and boring. This is where true creativity and massive perceptive abilities spawn a sense of intellectual humility; the kind which God adores.
Criss Jami
Armed neutrality makes it much easier to detect hypocrisy.
Criss Jami
Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.
Criss Jami
For God to prove himself on demand, physically, would be a grave disappointment, and the strongest Christians should be considerably grateful that he chooses not to do so. The skeptic endlessly demands proof, yet God refuses to insult the true intelligence of man, the '6th sense', the chief quality, the acumen which distinguishes man from the rest of creation, faith.
Criss Jami
Angels are good not simply because they see bad as bad, but also because they see bad as corny.
David Hume
Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.
David Sedaris
Everyone looks retarded once you set your mind to it.
Debasish Mridha
Explanations can't explain love--only deep perception can do that.
Debasish Mridha
Silence is the language of nature and beauty where perception and feelings are the only reality.
Debasish Mridha
Nothing is perfect; nothing is imperfect. Perfection and imperfection reside in your perception.
Debasish Mridha
A writer fills the paper with the pictures of perception, experience, and feeling of real and imaginative lives.
Debasish Mridha
Genius is an inner inherent intuition and perception. It is not a teachable condition.
Debasish Mridha
Peace of mind is a perception of a calm and quiet mind.
Debasish Mridha
Trust the perception not the presentation.
Debasish Mridha
Art is an expression of inner perception as an outer reality.
Debasish Mridha
Things are not real, but they are the reflection of our imaginations and perceptions.
Debasish Mridha
Why is my perception right? If it is wrong, then what is right?
Debasish Mridha
The world is a living mirror. With the light of your perception, you see yourself in it every moment.
Debasish Mridha
There is no stress. It is a misinterpretation of a situation. Just change your perception and stress will melt away.
Debasish Mridha
Be bold. Be not fearful. Take actions. Action is real. Results requires interpretation and depends on perception.
Debasish Mridha M.D.
Education opens our minds eye to see the world with our own unique vision and perception.
Derek Landy
The fact is that we have no way of knowing if the person who we think we are is at the core of our being. Are you a decent girl with the potential to someday become an evil monster, or are you an evil monster that thinks it's a decent girl?Wouldn't I know which one I was?Good God, no. The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves.
Douglas Coupland
Is that all time is - our perception of how quickly it does or does not pass?
E.M. Forster
My father says that there is only one perfect view
Eckhart Tolle
When you no longer perceive the world as hostile, there is no more fear, and when there is no more fear, you think, speak and act differently.
Edmund Spenser
Why then should witless man so much misweeneThat nothing is but that which he hath seene?
Emily Ann Benedict
You're my guardian angel, Abbey, she said as she climbed into the car.No, not really, Sam. I'm just a messenger.But that's what angels are. That's how God says, 'I'm here, and it's going to be all right.
Eric Schmidt
A mind set in its ways is wasted. Don't do it.
Evy Michaels
Home is where I am the least organized, I let go and become the truest version of myself; not because I don't care how I am perceived, rather, I know exactly how I am perceived and that gives me the courage to be carefree
Friedrich Nietzsche
The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.
Germany Kent
If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.
Germany Kent
How to win in life:1 work hard 2 complain less 3 listen more 4 try, learn, grow5 don't let people tell you it cant be done6 make no excuses
H. G. Wells
Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.
H.E. Davey
While we can learn or study techniques for almost anything we might want to accomplish, real understanding is not the mere accumulation of knowledge. Understanding cannot be realized by listening or reading about the realization of others. It must be achieved firsthand via substantive, direct perception in the moment.
Henri-Frédéric Amiel
all appears to change when we change
Henry Adams
The first serious consciousness of Nature's gesture - her attitude towards life-took form then as a phantasm, a nightmare, all insanity of force. For the first time, the stage-scenery of the senses collapsed; the human mind felt itself stripped naked, vibrating in a void of shapeless energies, with resistless mass, colliding, crushing, wasting, and destroying what these same energies had created and labored from eternity to perfect.
Henry Adams
For the first time in his life, Mont Blanc for a moment looked to him what it was - a chaos of anarchic and purposeless forces - and he needed days of repose to see it clothe itself again with the illusions of his senses, the white purity of its snows, the splendor of its light, and the infinity of its heavenly peace. Nature was kind; Lake Geneva was beautiful beyond itself, and the Alps put on charms real as terrors.
Henry David Thoreau
It is not all books that are as dull as their readers.
Persons who have a painful affection in any part of the body, and are in a great measure sensible of the pain, are disordered in intellect.
Hjalmar Söderberg
We know so little about one another. We embrace a shadow and love a dream.
Beauty becomes uglyunder the influence ofthe demons inside the mind.
Iain Pears
[H]e initially conceived of Olivier as a man of the greatest promise destroyed by a fatal flaw, the unreasoning passion for a woman dissolving into violence, desperately weakening everything he tried to do. For how could learning and poetry be defended when it produced such dreadful results and was advanced by such imperfect creatures? At least Julien did not see the desperate fate of the ruined lover as a nineteenth-century novelist or a poet might have done, recasting the tale to create some appealing romantic hero, dashed to pieces against the unyielding society that produced him. Rather, his initial opinion -- held almost to the last -- was of Olivier as a failure, ruined by a terible weakness.
Iain Pears
A hundred francs! Oh, dear me! It is worth millions of francs, my child. But my -- dealer -- here tells me that in fact a picture is worth only what someone will give for it. How much money do you have?Julia took out her purse and counted. Four francs and twenty sous, she said, looking up at him sadly.Is that all the money you have in the world?She nodded.Then four francs and twenty sous it is.
Irene Henriette Oestrich
Genom våra tankar och föreställningar konstruerar vi den inre och yttre världen. Vår unika värld beror i hög grad på de ögon som ser, och
Irving Berlin
Life is 10 percent what you make itand 90 percent how you take it.
Isabel Allende
At times I feel as if I had lived all this before and that I have already written these very words, but I know it was not I: it was another woman, who kept her notebooks so that one day I could use them. I write, she wrote, that memory is fragile and the space of a single life is brief, passing so quickly that we never get a chance to see the relationship between events; we cannot gauge the consequences of our acts, and we believe in the fiction of past, present, and future, but it may also be true that everything happens simultaneously. ... That's why my Grandmother Clara wrote in her notebooks, in order to see things in their true dimension and to defy her own poor memory.
James Baldwin
The artistic image is not intended to represent the thing itself, but, rather, the reality of the force the thing contains.
James Anthony Froude
We read the past by the light of the present, and the forms vary as the shadows fall, or as the point of vision alters.
James Robertson
When we're in the story, when we're part of it, we can't know the outcome. It's only later that we think we can see what the story was. But do we ever really know? And does anybody else, perhaps, coming along a little later, does anybody else really care? ... History is written by the survivors, but what is that history? That's the point I was trying to make just now. We don't know what the story is when we're in it, and even after we tell it we're not sure. Because the story doesn't end.
Jane Austen
The advantages of natural folly in a beautiful girl have been already set forth by the capital pen of a sister author; and to her treatment of the subject I will only add, in justice to men, that though to the larger and more trifling part of the sex, imbecility in females is a great enhancement of their personal charms, there is a portion of them too reasonable and too well informed themselves to desire anything more in woman than ignorance.
Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Just think about this: haven't we been going just to and fro? The whole world rather. Years back, it was good to take vitamin supplements and today they are considered hampering body's natural immune. Sometime back, people were desperate to land up in high paying jobs, today there is a big entrepreneurship fad. Back in years, it was a pride to be settled in the city, now people are giving up all responsibilities to settle at a peaceful country side. What are we all really doing? We are moving from pillar to post, forward and backward on theories. We are all as confused as the next person. And unfortunately, we are all going to leave this world with barely being able to decipher much.
Jean-Yves Leloup
[C]hange your thinking, your interpretation of he world, change the way you see! To change the way you see is to change the world. (50)
Joan Ambu
Your beauty is yours, believe it. Do not rely on someone else to approve it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free
John Kramer
In politics and passion, perception is reality.
John Gower
There is no deception on the part of the woman, where a man bewilders himself: if he deludes his own wits, I can certainly acquit the women. Whatever man allows his mind to dwell upon the imprint his imagination has foolishly taken of women, is fanning the flames within himself -- and, since the woman knows nothing about it, she is not to blame. For if a man incites himself to drown, and will not restrain himself, it is not the water's fault.
John Lennon
The more I see, the less I know for sure.
Jonathan Haidt
Experiment participants asked to pick which politician looked more confident in a photograph picked the winner of the race two thirds of the time. This phenomenon held up even when they only glimpsed the photographs for a 10th of a second.
Jorge Luis Borges
There are official searchers, inquisitors. I have seen them in the performance of their function: they always arrive extremely tired from their journeys; they speak of a broken stairway which almost killed them; they talk with the librarian of galleries and stairs; sometimes they pick up the nearest volume and leaf through it, looking for infamous words. Obviously, no one expects to discover anything.
Joseph P. Kauffman
When we think of something, we create a mental image of it, and our image is then always filtered through our mental perception. We may meet someone one day when they are in a bad mood, we then make a false assumption that this person does not like us. We have created an image of this person, and now every time we meet them, we associate this person with our negative mental image of them. We don't interact with them as they are in this moment; we interact with how we think they are.
Joyce Maynard
There is something about the act of studying an unclothed body, as an artist does, that allows a person to appreciate it as pure form, regardless of the kinds of traits traditionally regarded as imperfections. In a figure drawing class, an obese woman's folds of flesh take on a kind of beauty. You can look at a man's shrunken chest or legs or buttocks with tenderness. Age is not ugly, just poignant.
Kamand Kojouri
First, create your ego. Then destroy it. This is all of life.
Kamand Kojouri
Do not avert your eyes.It is important that you see this.It is important that you feelthis.
Kamand Kojouri
Until you see beauty everywhere, in every face, until then, you are blind.
Kamand Kojouri
Love isn't blind. Maybe we are all born blind and love finally gives us sight.
Kamand Kojouri
To live, to truly live, one must consider each and every thing a blessing.
Kamand Kojouri
If all we had were roses, would the thorns then be beautiful?
Karl Pearson
Order and reason, beauty and benevolence, are characteristics and conceptions which we find solely associated with the mind of man.
Kevin Focke
The tragedy of art is the misalignment of merit and the perception thereof. A hype is a classic example of positive (from the creator's perspective) misalignment. Van Gogh is a classic example of negative misalignment, a poor laggard who may enjoy the fruits of his labour rotting under the ground. Van Gogh went unrecognized, ostracized, and is now celebrated as many who have come before him, and many who will come after him. Therefore, I declare here, the Wisdom of the Crowd does not apply to art.
Kilroy J. Oldster
Our personal experiences and mental reasoning skills establish the range of our perception of reality. Our physical and mental abilities determine the outer perimeter regarding what we can experience and learn. Our inaugurating dreams are unlimited by physical reality and our genetic composition. There will always be an unbridgeable rift between countless combinations of human dreams and the infinity of reality, unless we accept what we are without wishing to be something else.
Kilroy J. Oldster
We are the product of our past. We start each day where we left off the day before. Changing the way we dress, where we work and live, or even changing a name does not alter our basic constitution. Transformation of the self requires a radical alteration in the way that we perceive the world and derive meaning.
Knight of the woeful countenance
It's madness to see life as it is and not how it should be.
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
There are no telegraphs on Tralfamadore. But you're right: each clump of symbols is a brief, urgent message-- describing a situation, a scene. We Tralfamadorians read them all at once, not one after the other. There isn't any particular relationship between all the messages, except that the author has chosen them carefully, so that, when seen all at once, they produce an image of life that is beautiful and surprising and deep. There is no beginning, no middle, no end, no suspense, no moral, no causes, no effects. What we love in our books are the depths of many marvelous moments seen all at one time.
Laurie Nadel
Cosmic consciousness is the next level of holistic perception.
Lee Thompson
...people change, even good people, if they get the wrong thing in their head. And not everything is always what it looks like and sometimes just because one person looks weak, they might be very strong, and another person might look like a spooky freak but he might be one of the kindest people you'd ever meet. And I guess I learned that time is slippery...We have to enjoy every second, love with all our hearts, all we can, while we can.
Leslye Walton
Just because love don't look the way you think it should, don't mean you don't have it.
Lionel Suggs
Why does truth carry such a dreadful face? Why does subjugation carry such a happy mask? It becomes sad when people understand that they can lead a better life as long as they bow their heads, ignoring the truth.
Louise Glück
The master said You must write what you see.But what I see does not move me.The master answered Change what you see.
Lyudmila Ulitskaya
Form is what transforms the content of a work into its essence. Do you understand? The character of music arises out of its form like steam from water,' Yury Andreevich said. 'With solid understanding of the general laws of form, which encompass all that is amenable to formulation, one can, by groping further, perceive the individual, the particular. Then, subtracting the general, one can sense a residue where wonder lurks in its purest, most undiluted form. Herein lies the goal of theory: the more fully one grasps what is available for comprehension, the more intensely the ineffable shines.
Marcus Aurelius
Look beneath the surface; let not the several quality of a thing nor its worth escape thee.
Maria Elena
Why does everyone see me as a sink when I am an ocean?
Mark Leyner
I tend to interpret that whole 'everyone's wife is a Mossad agent' thing in a more sort of metaphorical way--that people you're intimate with might be, like, 'double agents,' y'know? It's a weird kind of paranoia you get about people you love--that they might turn out to be completely different from who you think they are, that it's all been some sort of diabolically patient plot against you. I think that's a pretty normal fear you have in any serious relationship. And that's why it's such a popular part of the epic, because so many people can relate to that fear. But personally, I don't really worry about it too much.
Martine Leavitt
How thin the air felt at the forest's edge, how ghostly the trees that guarded their realm.... The whole world seemed as delicate as a dandelion seed, and as fleeting.... How sad to know that the figment village of my imagination would not vanish when I ended, to understand that it was not I who had invented the moon the first time I realized how lovely it was. To admit that it was not my breath that made the winds blow.... [M]y heart, my heart knew that when I closed my eyes I invented the night sky and the stars too. Wasn't the whole dome of the sky the same shape as the inside of my skull? Didn't I create the sun and the day when I raised my eyelids every morning?
Marty Rubin
Children, like God, see only our actions.
Marty Rubin
What would beauty be if the whole world were blind?
Matshona Dhliwayo
Your feet may be small, but travel much. Your hands may be little, but conquer much. Your eyes may be tiny, but perceive much. Your ears may be modest, but heed much.
Maurice Maeterlinck
In all truth might it be said that beauty is the unique aliment of our soul, for in all places does it search for beauty, and it perishes not of hunger even in the most degraded of lives. For indeed nothing of beauty can pass by and be altogether unperceived. Perhaps does it never pass by save only in our unconsciousness, but its action is no less puissant in gloom of night than by light of day; the joy it procures may be less tangible, but other difference there is none.
Melissa Bradley
Perception is the lie that we convince ourselves exists
Michael J. Sullivan
When you are so ashamed of your actions, thoughts, or intentions, you lie rather than accepting yourself for who you really are
Michael Smith
You cannot control life, but you can change the way you see life.Animals other than man are more fulfilled, because they have less mind blocking life, but they are stuck with the perspective and perception they are born with. We (human beings) can greatly improve our perception by learning the ultimate truth.All the problems we have stem from people not knowing the truth of life.
Mohadesa Najumi
We live in an energy-responsive world where intention radiates throughout. Fundamental to everything is attitude and perception
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
To evade arrogance, remind yourself (from time to time) that your talent or success could have been better. To be thankful, remind yourself (every now and then) that your illness or failure could have been worse.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
It is usually unbearably painful to read a book by an author who knows way less than you do, unless the book is a novel.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Pain, unless it is physical, was sold to you (by your culture).
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
There is nothing inherently painful about being cheated on.
Nanette Mathews
Just when you think you don't know.
Nel Noddings
If spectacle is lacking in everyday life, it may be because we have forgotten where and how to look.
Nikolai Gogol
Always think of what is useful and not what is beautiful. Beauty will come of its own accord.
Nirav Sanchaniya
I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.
Nyki Mack
Don't let societies perceptions and opinions define who you are as a person. Where is it written that you cannot be great at more than one thing?
Oprah Winfrey
Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough
Oscar Wilde
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Paul Harding
The interlocking network of stalks and branches and creepers was skeletal, the fossil yard of an extinct species of fineboned insectoid creatures. all of these bones, then, seemed to have been stained by sun and earth from an original living white to brown, and not the tough fibrous flower and seed-spilling green they actually once had been. Howard wondered about a man who had never seen summer, a winter man, examining the weeds and making this inference -- that he was looking at an ossuary. the man would take that as true and base his ideas of the world on that mistake.
Pedro Calderón de la Barca
In this treacherous worldNothing is the truth nor a lie.Everything depends on the colorOf the crystal through which one sees it
Percy Bysshe Shelley
We rest; a dream has power to poison sleep.We rise; one wand'ring thought pollutes the day.We feel, conceive, or reason; laugh or weep,Embrace fond woe, or cast our cares away;It is the same: for, be it joy or sorrow,The path of its departure still is free.Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow;Nought may endure but Mutability!
Petek Kabakci
SENSES, APPEARANCE, ESSENCE and EXISTENCEThe world we see with our senses is very different than the world we see through our essence. Our senses perceive the world of appearance. Our essence perceives the deeper layers of existence. The first step of perceiving the world of essence is to have no goal other than to understand. Understanding has to be the ultimate goal. Only then, can we solve the problems.
Petek Kabakci
SENSES, APPEARANCE, ESSENCE and EXISTENCEThe world we see with our senses are very different than the world we see through our essence. Our senses perceive the world of appearance. Our essence perceive the deeper layers of existence. The first step of perceiving the world of essence is not to have any goal other than to understand. Understanding has to be the ultimate goal. Then, we can solve the problems.
Philip K. Dick
Maybe each human being lives in a unique world, a private world different from those inhabited and experienced by all other humans. . . If reality differs from person to person, can we speak of reality singular, or shouldn't we really be talking about plural realities? And if there are plural realities, are some more true (more real) than others? What about the world of a schizophrenic? Maybe it's as real as our world. Maybe we cannot say that we are in touch with reality and he is not, but should instead say, His reality is so different from ours that he can't explain his to us, and we can't explain ours to him. The problem, then, is that if subjective worlds are experienced too differently, there occurs a breakdown in communication ... and there is the real illness.
Rachael Wade
What do you see when you look at me?My eyes narrowed and I pressed my lips together, weighing my thoughts. All of his bimbo admirers aside, what did I see? What did my gut tell me about this man? What did it say that allowed me to wind up here with him, under such impulsive circumstances?You're a sad man, I swallowed. You're arrogant and set in your ways, but that creates a fortress for you. It's your safe haven. Behind the moat is someone who has lost something he loved, only I'm not sure what, or who. You're afraid of something and your loyalty is hidden away in a cell, wounded by betrayal. I rested my head on the pillow. That's what I see.On second thought, he exhaled, letting his head drop next to mine. You're psychic.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue. . . .
Rebecca Wells
The very air they breathed was almost a juice.
Rhonda Byrne
When you change the way you think about a situation, everything connected to that situation will change.
Rick Riordan
Humans see what they want to see.
Robertson Davies
The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.
Robin S. Sharma
Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.
Roma Tearne
Grey has no agenda. . . . Grey has the ability, that no other colour has, to make the invisible visible.
Roshan Sharma
When you perceive through your senses, the object may be, of the outside world, but you see the object, inside of you, in your awareness field.
Roshan Sharma
You can create absolutely new reality, both in your personal and professional life and with the same people, by altering your perception towards life, and by putting necessary work into it.
Roy T. Bennett
The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other people's perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an awareness of you.
Roz Chast
As I would soon learn myself, cleaning up what a parent leaves behind stirs up dust, both literal and metaphorical. It dredges up memories. You feel like you're a kid again, poking around in your parents' closet, only this time there's no chance of getting in trouble, so you don't have to be so sure that everything gets put back exactly where it was before you did your poking around. Still, you hope to find something, or maybe you fear finding something, that will completely change your conception of the parent you thought you knew.
Rudolf Steiner
Just as in the body, eye and ear develop as organs of perception, as senses for bodily processes, so does a man develop in himself soul and spiritual organs of perception through which the soul and spiritual worlds are opened to him. For those who do not have such higher senses, these worlds are dark and silent, just as the bodily world is dark and silent for a being without eyes and ears.
Russell Hoban
An ordinary mirror is silvered at the back but the window of the night train has darkness behind the glass. My face and the faces of other travellers were now mirrored on this darkness in a succession of stillnesses. Consider this, said the darkness: any motion at any speed is a succession of stillnesses; any section through an action will show just such a plane of stillness as this dark window in which your seeking face is mirrored. And in each plane of stillness is the moment of clarity that makes you responsible for what you do.
Saim Cheeda
How do we perceive what's important in life, from what we once thought to what we think now, how does it change?
Salman Rushdie
When a book leaves its author's desk it changes. Even before anyone has read it, before eyes other than its creator's have looked upon a single phrase, it is irretrievably altered. It has become a book that can be read, that no longer belongs to its maker. It has acquired, in a sense, free will. It will make its journey through the world and there is no longer anything the author can do about it. Even he, as he looks at its sentences, reads them differently now that they can be read by others. They look like different sentences. The book has gone out into the world and the world has remade it.
Sanhita Baruah
I think one can tell a lot about a person from the way he chooses to let the stub of his cigarette burn out...
Sebastian Marincolo
The movie Koyaanisqatsi shows non-commented time-lapse footage and focuses our attention on the very rhythm of our civilized modern life and nature. A marijuana high can do something for a user similar to what this time-lapse footage does. The enhancement of episodic memory and the acceleration of associative streams of memories can alter and enhance our recognition of patterns in our lives in various ways. If we are presented with quick associative chains of past experiences, we can see a pattern in a body of information that is usually not at once presented to our inner eye as such.
Seth D.
Be like the flower, content with its nature.
Shaky Kane
Don't be cool. Like everything.
Shannon L. Alder
Mental illness is not a fraternity or a social club for like minds. It is its own religion to each person that has it. Their mind is their pastor, their feelings are their scriptures and their delusions are their own bible story. To break them free, is to break their faith in signs. That is why so many feel lost.
Shannon L. Alder
Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, What else could this mean?
Shannon L. Alder
Silence is a lie that screams at the light.
Sharon E. Rainey
This is where life as I knew it changed. This is where a new feeling slowly, eventually, permeated every cell of my body, changing the way I took in the world. My perceptions, opinions, everything changed the year I moved from Texas to Virginia.
Sharon Salzberg
When we truly allow ourselves to feel our own pain, over time it comes to seem less personal. We start to recognize that what we've perceived as our pain is, at a deeper level, the pain inherent in human existence.
shivangi lavaniya
beauty pertains with everyone. It's just the perception that defines the differences.
Stefan Szczelkun
The radical implication of the expansion of higher education has been disguised by a myth which dubs all educated working class people as middle class. By definition working class people are not intelligent, so if you've got a degree you must be middle class. This nonsense is reinforced by the fact that acedemic traditions are laden with class assumptions and are presented in upper class styles even in the Polytechnics.
Stephen Levine
Quoting son, Noah Levine: Once you see what the heart really needs, it doesn't matter if you're going to live or die, the work is always the same. (25)
Stephen R. Covey
To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.