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Abhijit Naskar
The optimist sees the glass as half full, the pessimist as half empty. What I see is water that can save someone's life.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
All history is one continuous pestilence. There is no truth and there is no illusion. There is nowhere to appeal and nowhere to go.
Amit Kalantri
Seeing the mud around a lotus is pessimism, seeing a lotus in the mud is optimism.
Amy Jo Cousins
You're the optimist all the way through, pretending to be a pessimist on the inside, because you can act like it hurts less if you say you knew all along it was going to go down like that.
Andrew Wilson
After reading Burgum, [Patricia Highsmith] wrote in her cahier that, like Kafka, she felt she was a pessimist, unable to formulate a system in which an individual could believe in God, government or self. Again like Kafka, she looked into the great abyss which separated the spiritual and the material and saw the terrifying emptiness, the hollowness, at the heart of every man, a sense of alienation she felt compelled to explore in her fiction. As her next hero, she would take an architect, 'a young man whose authority is art and therefore himself,' who when he murders, 'feels no guilt or even fear when he thinks of legal retribution'. The more she read of Kafka the more she felt afraid as she came to realise, 'I am so similar to him.
Antonio Gramsci
I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.
Anuja Chandramouli
No, you pessimistic fool, I am saying that if we can find it in ourselves to be miserable even when things are actually pretty good then there should be no difficulty being happy even when there is gloom and doom all around us.
Arthur Schopenhauer
In fact, the balance wheel which maintains in motion the watch of metaphysics that never runs down, is the clear knowledge that this world's non-existence is just as possible as its existence.―from_The World as Will and Representation_. Translated from the German by E. F. J. Payne. In Two Volumes, Volume II, p. 171
Arthur Schopenhauer
The best consolation in misfortune or affliction of any kind will be the thought of other people who are in a still worse plight than yourself; and this is a form of consolation open to every one. But what an awful fate this means for mankind as a whole! We are like lambs in a field, disporting themselves under the eye of the butcher, who chooses out first one and then another for his prey.
Arthur Schopenhauer
There is not much to be got anywhere in the world. It is filled with misery and pain; if a man escapes these, boredeom lies in wait for him at every corner. Nay more; it is evil which generally has the upper hand, and folly that makes the most noise. Fate is cruel and mankind pitiable.
Arthur Schopenhauer
For an author to write as he speaks is just as reprehensible as the opposite fault, to speak as he writes; for this gives a pedantic effect to what he says, and at the same time makes him hardly intelligible
Arthur Schopenhauer
If you try to imagine as nearly as you can what an amount of misery, pain, and suffering of every kind the sun shines upon in its course, you will admit that it would be much better if on the earth as little as on the moon the sun were able to call forth the phenomena of life; and if, here as there, the surface were still in a crystalline state.
Arthur Schopenhauer
What is more, in fact, we very soon look upon the world as something whose non-existence is not only conceivable, but even preferable to its existence. Therefore our astonishment at it easily passes into a brooding over that *fatality* which could nevertheless bring about its existence, and by virtue of which such an immense force as is demanded for the production and maintenance of such a world could be directed so much against its own interest and advantage.―from_The World as Will and Representation_. Translated from the German by E. F. J. Payne. In Two Volumes, Volume II, p. 171
Arthur Schopenhauer
If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist? Would not a man rather have so much sympathy with the coming generation as to spare it the burden of existence, or at any rate not take it upon himself to impose that burden upon it in cold blood?
Brando Skyhorse
Faith is a luxury for those who are able to ignore what the rest of us must see every day. Pessimism, distrust, and irony are the holy trinity of my religion, irony in particular.
Bruce Cockburn
One day you're waiting for the sky to fallThe next you're dazzled by the beauty of it all
Carl R White
Belief is a wonderful way to pass the time until the facts come in.
Carlos Wallace
Keep your eyes and your mind open. Don't be blinded by filters like fear, uncertainty, pessimism and negativity.
Charles Bukowski
I wish to weepbut sorrow isstupid.I wish to believebut belief is agraveyard.
Charles Dickens
I have a pretty large experience of boys, and you're a bad set of fellows. Now mind!
Charlie Chaplin
You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down
Chuck Palahniuk
You know how both life and porno movies end. The only difference is life starts with the orgasm.
Colin Feltham
We evolved haphazardly within a random universe; no purpose underpins us, no God watches over us, and no assured glorious future awaits us. We are saddled with a dualistic consciousness that weighs us down and plays tricks on us. We have built and seem unable to dismantle a dehumanizing and destructive civilization and mindset that perpetuates deceit and greed. We can make ourselves as comfortable as possible, as doctors tell their terminally ill patients, but we are sadly incurable.
Cormac McCarthy
In the end we all come to be cured of our sentiments. Those whom life does not cure death will.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
It's not a lack of opportunity around me. Rather, it's a lack of faith within me.
Criss Jami
With no positivity, there is no hope; with no negativity, there is no improvement.
Criss Jami
Christians sometimes make themselves into elephants afraid of mice. You have the Creator of the universe on your side; not to mention, you've been given eternal life. 'Whom or what shall you fear?' To be afraid of anything other than God himself is like an insult to God.
Criss Jami
I write about adversity, I praise adversity, not to be pessimistic, but rather to strengthen myself. The more familiar that you are with it, the less likely you are to have a breakdown when it occurs. You become more reflective of its purpose, you understand God's reason for it, and are then able to make the best of everything that you are handed. The darkness is only frightening after constant sunshine.
David Benioff
‎I was cursed with the pessimism of both the Russians and the Jews two of the gloomiest tribes in the world. Still if there wasn't greatness in me maybe I had the talent to recognize it in others even in the most irritating others.
David Benioff
That is the way we decided to talk, free and easy, two young men discussing a boxing match. That was the only way to talk. You couldn't let too much truth seep into your conversation, you couldn't admit with your mouth what your eyes had seen. If you opened the door even a centimeter, you would smell the rot outside and hear the screams. You did not open the door. You kept your mind on the tasks of the day, the hunt for food and water and something to burn, and you saved the rest for the end of the war.
David T. Dellinger
Our experience of the governments of the world, our knowledge of the weapons at their disposal, and our awareness of our own limitations justify pessimism. But some mysterious factor deep in the human psyche has produced a countervailing conviction that educating, organizing, uniting, and acting will make a difference.
Davis Miller
You say I can't do it because you can't. Mohammed Ali
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.
Donald Barthelme
See the moon? It hates us.
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Don't ever let desperation take the seat of inspiration in you! Always live inspired no matter what! For though something might be wrong somewhere, something is always right somewhere! If you have life, be alive and smile!
Franz Kafka
From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
I renounce the higher harmony altogether. It's not worth the tears of that one tortured child who...prayed..with...unexpiated tears to 'dear,kind God!
Gary Inbinder
Tears streamed down her wrinkled face. This world that she had longed to change for the better was as bad as the one into which she had been born. An exercise in futility, she murmured.
George Bernard Shaw
A pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.
Geraldine Brooks
When a kingdom rests on it, I always expect difficulty. Then, if there is none, no blame. But if there is, one is prepared.
H.G. Wells
Given as much law as that man will be able to do anything and go anywhere, an the only trace of pessimism left in the human prospect today is a faint flavour that one was born so soon.
Helen Simonson
I have produced no children of my own and my husband is dead, she replied, an acid tone in her voice. Thus I am more to be pitied than revered. I am expected to give up the shop to my nephew, who will then be able to afford to bring a very good wife from Pakistan. In exchange, I will be given houseroom and no doubt, the honor of taking care of several small children of other family members.The Major was silent. He was at once appalled and also reluctant to hear any more. This was why people usually talked about the weather.
Howard Zinn
Pessimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; it reproduces itself by crippling our willingness to act.
Jack London
He wastes his time over his writing, trying to accomplish what geniuses and rare men with college educations sometimes accomplish.
Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre
Death, my son, is a good thing for all men; it is the night for this worried day that we call life. It is in the sleep of death that finds rest for eternity the sickness, pain, desperation, and the fears that agitate, without end, we unhappy living souls.
Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre
If life is a punishment, one should wish for an end; if life is a test, one should wish it to be short.
Jasleen Kaur Gumber
There is a very thin line of difference between a Pessimist and a Perfectionist. Both are scared to fail, strive for ideal but the only think unlike in the two is- Pessimist thinks it will last forever and Perfectionist knows it won't.
Jim Benton
School prepares you for the real world... which also bites.
John Kenneth Galbraith
Man, at least when educated, is a pessimist. He believes it safer not to reflect on his achievements; Jove is known to strike such people down.
Joyce Carol Oates
Keep a light, hopeful heart. But ­expect the worst.
Kayla Krantz
There must be logical minds among all species if they hope to survive. Not everyone can be bridled with hope and optimism.
Kingsley Amis
Jake was close to tears. In that moment he saw the world in its true light, as a place where nothing had ever been any good and nothing of significance done: no art worth a second look, no philosophy of the slightest appositeness, no law but served the state, no history that gave an inkling of how it had been and what had happened. And no love, only egotism, infatuation and lust.
Lawrence Block
Fuck you! I hope you die!Everybody Dies, I said. So fuck you.
Marguerite Yourcenar
This city belongs to ghosts, to murderers, to sleepwalkers. Where are you, in what bed, in what dream?
Martin Keogh
When asked if I am pessimistic or optimistic about the future, my answer is always the same: if you look at the science about what is happening on earth and aren't pessimistic, you don't understand the data. But if you meet the people who are working to restore this earth and the lives of the poor, and you aren't optimistic, you haven't got a pulse.
Marty Rubin
The optimist's hope and the pessimist's despair: reciprocal illusions.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The continuation of man's life is more attributable to his fear of death than it is to his desire to live. As a matter of fact, in countless cases, it is attributable to only the former.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Life curses some poor people with the love of luxury, while it blesses some with the very same thing.
Moonshine Noire
Maybe I should stop while I'm aheadNay, I swim with sea-demons no sweet summer tuned radioover my sunless desertscapehow does it burn without the sun?
Moryah DeMott
Having a rather pessimistic outlook on life makes for the best philosophical discussions; distress is the only real reason to question something; comfort often leads to the inability to change.
Oscar Wilde
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
P.G. Wodehouse
I'm not absolutely certain of the facts, but I rather fancy it's Shakespeare who says that it's always just when a fellow is feeling particularly braced with things in general that Fate sneaks up behind him with the bit of lead piping.
Peter David
Once again I felt light-headed, but this time it wasn't from the scent of lilacs; it was from the scent of my own death.
Peter David
The battered and pathetic thing that represented any claim to conscience I might have had turned away from me in disgust. Oddly, I couldn't blame it. I was disgusted myself. Disgusted at my weakness and my lack of resolution, at my refusal to see justice through in the name of the woman who had borne me.
Philip K. Dick
If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others.
Richie Norton
In the end, every startup is different. But in the beginning every startup is the same.
Robert Lynn Asprin
When things are at their blackest, I say to myself, 'Cheer up, things could be worse.' And sure enough, they get worse.
Robertson Davies
Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular. But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness.
Salman Rushdie
If we can cease envisaging ourselves as metaphorical foetuses, and substitute the image of a newborn child, then that will be at least a small intellectual advance. In time, perhaps, we may even learn to toddle.
Samuel Beckett
POZZO:I am blind.(Silence.)ESTRAGON:Perhaps he can see into the future.
Sara Teasdale
In my heart's most secret place,I pity them as angels do.
Sean Kilpatrick
When I was born, the doctor slit my throat to see if I could talk.
Suzy Kassem
Beware of those who are bored and not passionate about life, for they will bore you with reasons for not living.
Ted Dekker
The world's bumper sticker reads: Life sucks, and then you die. Perhaps Christian bumper stickers should read: Life sucks, but then you find hope and you can't wait to die.
Thomas L. Friedman
Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists.
Thomas Ligotti
The only value of this world lay in its power - at certain times - to suggest another world.
W.B. Yeats
Turning and turning in the widening gyreThe falcon cannot hear the falconer;Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhereThe ceremony of innocence is drowned;The best lack all conviction, while the worstAre full of passionate intensity.