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Aidan Chambers
a joy that hurts with sadnessa sadness that is pleasurablea pleasure full of terrora terror that excitesan excitement that calmsa calmness that frightens.
Alexander Scriabin
Whatever may be my activity in a given moment (whether I am composing, or whether I am making love . . .), I feel pleasure if there is an obstacle placed in my path but one not greater than my ability to overcome. If circumstances paralyze my energy, I suffer. From this point of view, pleasure and pain accompany every moment of our life, even if we try to disregard them.
Almeida Garrett
The excess of pleasure is pain
Alysha Speer
When a poet settled down to write a poem, could he foresee the lines he would write? Did his head constantly spin with riddles and rhymes and was his only job to put them down? What if he couldn't get them to make sense, and no one, not even the person he cared for most, could have pleasure in reading it? What would he do?
Amit Kalantri
Power is not pleasure, power is pain.
Amitav Chowdhury
For convenience sake, we deny the truth and look past it. Instant pleasure transforms quietly into immense pain.
Amy Harmon
Life had taught her that consequences were ugly and painful, and seldom worth the pleasure they had been bartered for.
Amy Leigh Mercree
My senses are alive with pleasure and joy.
Andrew Marvell
Now therefore, while the youthful hue Sits on thy skin like morning dew, And while thy willing soul transpiresAt every pore with instant fires, Now let us sport us while we may, And now, like amorous birds of prey, Rather at once our time devour Than languish in his slow-chapt power.
Anne Michaels
...when we say we're looking for a spiritual adviser, we're really looking for someone to tell us what to do with our bodies. Decisions of the flesh. We forget to learn from pleasure as well as pain.
Anne Rice
Go where the pain is, go where the pleasure is.
Anthony Liccione
Every corner and room of a house will carry memories, make these the most pleasurable times you shared with your family.
Anthony Liccione
Love has no fear, willing to take on anyone. But how much we fear love!
Anuradha Bhattacharyya
School children, who have enjoyed reading a romance or a detective thriller or a novel about terror and conquest, make the invariable mistake of studying literature in the college. They make the mistake of learning theory in place of art; they acquire impediments in their own enjoyment of the books by allowing a set of theories to govern their own reading.
The pleasures arising from thinking and learning will make us think and learn all the more. 1153a 23
Atwood H. Townsend
Never force yourself to read a book that you do not enjoy. There are so many good books in the world that it is foolish to waste time on one that does not give you pleasure.
We live in one of the few epochs of humanity where life isn't just a painful cycle of toil, fatigue, and collapse. Now pleasure gyrates us through those stages.
Blaise Pascal
Men spend their time in following a ball or a hare; it is the pleasure even of kings.
C W Newman
We commonly confuse love with the strong emotions most often associated with it, such as joy, attachment, lust, infatuation, pleasure, pain, fear, and hope, to name a few. But, love is not a feeling; love itself is an action. There are countless emotions and beliefs that can cause us to love. Love is the willing giving of self to another living being. Love is giving the life, time, energy, and resources that we would normally give or use for our self to someone else. Love is an action that enhances the well-being of another living being.
Caitlin Moran
I've read de Sade, and Anaïs Nun, and Gravity's Rainbow, and the Story of O. First you have to have pleasure
Charles Baudelaire
I set out to discover the why of it, and to transform my pleasure into knowledge.
Charles Dickens
He went to the church, and walked about the streets, and watched the people hurrying to and for, and patted the children on the head, and questioned beggars, and looked down into the kitchens of homes, and up to the windows, and found that everything could yield him pleasure. He had never dreamed of any walk, that anything, could give him so much happiness. (p. 119)
Cherise Sinclair
You see, when you're excited, your body has trouble telling the difference between pain and pleasure.
Christian Dior
High heels? Painful pleasure.
Christopher Marlowe
Come live with me and be my Love, And we will all the pleasures prove
Craig D. Lounsbrough
Thankfully, the nature of pain reminds us of what the ease of pleasure foolishly allows us to forget.
Criss Jami
Any halfway clever devil would decorate the highway to Hell as beautiful as possible.
Criss Jami
Man was designed in a way in which he must eat in order to give him a solid reason to go to work everyday. This helps to keep him out of trouble. God is wise.
Criss Jami
It is easier for one to take risks and to chase his dreams with a mindset that he has nothing to lose. In this lies the immense passion, the great advantage of avoiding a materialistic, pleasure-filled way of life.
Dada Bhagwan
After getting respect, one will get an equal amount of insult, if not in this life then the next. If you taste even the slightest of pleasure from this body-complex [pudgal], you will have to pay back an equivalent amount. Therefore become attachment-free (vitarag).
Dada Bhagwan
As long as one is involved in worldly interactions, there is pleasure of the mind; and after knowing the Self (Soul), there is bliss of the Soul.
Dada Bhagwan
The worldly life means a factory of pain and pleasure.
Dada Bhagwan
Physical pleasures are not associated with attachment-abhorrence; the belief in an opinion itself is attachment-abhorrence.
Debasish Mridha
You are happy when you are enthusiastic and action-oriented, not when you are luxury and pleasure oriented.
Debasish Mridha
The main reason to love is not to find pleasure but to fill our hearts with love.
E.A. Bucchianeri
... food is not simply organic fuel to keep body and soul together, it is a perishable art that must be savoured at the peak of perfection.
E.B. White
If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.
Edgar Allan Poe
That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful.
Edmund Burke
The human mind is often, and I think it is for the most part, in a state neither of pain nor pleasure, which I call a state of indifference.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
We two make banquets of the plainest fareIn every cup we find the thrill of pleasure... For us life always moves with lilting measureWe two, we two, we make our world, our pleasure
When, therefore, we maintain that pleasure is the end, we do not mean the pleasures of profligates and those that consist in sensuality, as is supposed by some who are either ignorant or disagree with us or do not understand, but freedom from pain in the body and from trouble in the mind. For it is not continuous drinkings and revelings, nor the satisfaction of lusts, nor the enjoyment of fish and other luxuries of the wealthy table, which produce a pleasant life, but sober reasoning, searching out the motives for all choice and avoidance, and banishing mere opinions, to which are due the greatest disturbance of the spirit.
Eric Weiner
..there is more to life than just pleasure. We want to achieve our happiness and not just experience it.
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Hard work pays, but not all the time! Hard work without a good sense of purpose, due diligence and a true direction and vision only leads to the ditch. Life is a battle and only those who fight well, by working hard with a good sense of purpose and direction, win! Work hard with diligence and find a good time for pleasure, for pleasure is a treasure!
Fanny Burney
Generosity without delicacy, like wit without judgement, generally gives as much pain as pleasure.
François Fénelon
The youth who, like a woman, loves to adorn his person, has renounced all claim to wisdom and to glory; glory is due to those only who dare to associate with pain, and have trampled pleasure under their feet.
Frederick Lewis Donaldson
The Seven Social Sins are: Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
My God, a moment of bliss. Why, isn't that enough for a whole lifetime?
G.K. Chesterton
The principle is this: that in everything worth having, even in every pleasure, there is a point of pain and tedium that must be survived, so that the pleasure may revive and endure. The joy of battle comes after the first fear of death; the joy of reading Virgil comes after the bore of learning him; the glow of the seabather comes after the icy shok of the sea bath.
Gabrielle Dubois
Happy be the reader plunged into her book who forgot the world and whom world forgot.
Geoff Mains
In the world of animals, pain serves an equivocal role. Parental nips and swipes are common tools in upbringing. And socially, pain is sometimes used to maintain hierarchies of dominance. But this animal use of pain seems somewhat restrained, at least in contrast with the human situation. Here the capacity for pain is often used to systematically exploit and oppress at intensities often far beyond those seen in the behaviour of our nearest primate relatives. At the same time, at least in western culture, pain is rarely used for pleasure. Is it little wonder that all pain is viewed as intrinsically evil? Or that the pain-pleasure of leatherspace has been labelled torture?
George Santayana
The more pleasure a universe can yield, other things being equal, the more beneficent and generous is its general nature; the more pains its constitution involves, the darker and more malign its total temper. To deny this would seem impossible, yet it is done daily; for there is nothing people will not maintain when they are slaves to superstition; and candor and a sense of justice are, in such a case, the first things lost.
George Saunders
I have a sense that God is unfair and preferentially punishes his weak, his dumb, his fat, his lazy. I believe he takes more pleasure in his perfect creatures, and cheers them on like a brainless dad as they run roughshod over the rest of us. He gives us a need for love, and no way to get any. He gives us a desire to be liked, and personal attributes that make us utterly unlikable. Having placed his flawed and needy children in a world of exacting specifications, he deducts the difference between what we have and what we need from our hearts and our self-esteem and our mental health.
Gerald Mills
What is the beauty of a thing if others do not take pleasure in it.
Gloria Steinem
I didn't hear words that were accurate, much less prideful. For example, I never once heard the word clitoris. It would be years before I learned that females possessed the only organ in the human body with no function than to feel pleasure. (If such an organ were unique to the male body, can you imagine how much we would hear about it
Gretchen Rubin
Laughter is more than just a pleasurable activity...When people laugh together, they tend to talk and touch more and to make eye contact more frequently.
H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
Harley King
May your dreams be gifts from the gods and may you open them with excitement and pleasure.
Heather Reyes
Reading is for pleasure; it's not another form of social competition. Leave those literary Joneses to it.
Henry Fielding
...the pleasures of the world are chiefly folly, and the business of it mostly knavery, and both nothing better than vanity; the men of pleasure tearing one another to pieces from the emulation of spending money, and the men of business from envy in getting it.
Hermann Hesse
So she thoroughly taught him that one cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure, and that every gesture, every caress, every touch, every glance, every last bit of the body has its secret, which brings happiness to the person who knows how to wake it. She taught him that after a celebration of love the lovers should not part without admiring each other, without being conquered or having conquered, so that neither is bleak or glutted or has the bad feeling of being used or misused.
Honoré de Balzac
And he, like many jaded people, had few pleasures left in life save good food and drink.
Israelmore Ayivor
Early sweats make up later pleasures
Israelmore Ayivor
Don't beg for treasure; create it for yourself. Don't beg for positions; build one for yourself.
Israelmore Ayivor
If you really want to grow great, you need to avoid costly pleasures and preserve your future treasures.
Israelmore Ayivor
When you fall for your appetite too early, you may not be able to endure to the end.
Israelmore Ayivor
Leaders do not chase comfort; they pursue vision even if it comes with risks. Don't give up too early because you see not early rewards.
Israelmore Ayivor
Don't spend your money on luxuries. Save it and secure a safe future. Don't crave for quick satisfaction.
Israelmore Ayivor
To become a better you, be willing to make the needed sacrifice. Don't spend your money on luxuries.
Israelmore Ayivor
Challenges will come; that is inevitable. But they can't easily destroy your future than your own appetite.
Jack Gilbert
We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure,but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must havethe stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthlessfurnace of this world. To make injustice the onlymeasure of our attention is to praise the Devil.
Jane Austen
Every moment has its pleasures and its hope.
Jane Austen
Her pleasure in the walk must arise from the exercise and the day, from the view of the last smiles of the year upon the tawny leaves and withered hedges, and from repeating to herself some few of the thousand poetical descriptions extant of autumn--that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness--that season which has drawn from every poet worthy of being read some attempt at description, or some lines of feeling.
Jane Austen
...when pain is over, the remembrance of it often becomes a pleasure.
Jean de La Bruyère
The pleasure of criticizing takes away from us the pleasure of being moved by some very fine things.
Jess Rothenberg
In the midst of happiness or despairin sorrow or in joyin pleasure or in pain:Do what is right and you will be at peace.
John Davidson
Seek for no meaning in it; it has none. What meaning is there in pain and pleasure? They are twins; that is all we know. Seek no meaning in anything you see here. Images, ideas, flashes of purpose will peer out in all our ways and deeds, but there is no intention here below. Is there any intention anywhere?
John Crowder
God wants a people addicted to His pleasure, a people who serve Him for no other reason than the delight they take in Him. This is the very heart of worship. It is not self-centred. It is putting God at the very centre of self so that self cannot possibly be satisfied without Him.
John Crowder
God made you for His pleasure. And He made you intrinsically needy and dependent on His unspeakable joy. If you are struggling with sin our addiction, don't try to kill your appetite for pleasure. It is impossible. Just direct it to the source of all pleasure. You will be amazed to find that He has perfectly and supernaturally designed you to have all your deepest needs met in Him
John Crowley
Learning to decipher words had only added to the pleasures of holding spines and turning pages, measuring the journey to the end with a thumb-riffle, poring over frontispieces. Books! Opening with a crackle of old glue, releasing perfume; closing with a solid thump.
John Lubbock
Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.
John Milton
Of four infernal rivers that disgorge/ Into the burning Lake their baleful streams;/Abhorred Styx the flood of deadly hate,/Sad Acheron of sorrow, black and deep;/Cocytus, nam'd of lamentation loud/ Heard on the rueful stream; fierce Phlegethon/ Whose waves of torrent fire inflame with rage./ Far off from these a slow and silent stream,/ Lethe the River of Oblivion rolls/ Her wat'ry Labyrinth whereof who drinks,/ Forthwith his former state and being forgets,/ Forgets both joy and grief, pleasure and pain.
John Stuart Mill
The creed which accepts as the foundation of morals, Utility, or the Greatest-Happiness Principle, holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. By happiness is intended pleasure, and the absence of pain; by unhappiness, pain, and the privation of pleasure.
John Stuart Mill
The art of music is good, for the reason, among others, that it produces pleasure; but what proof is it possible to give that pleasure is good? If, then, it is asserted that there is a comprehensive formula, including all things which are in themselves good, and that whatever else is good, is not so as an end, but as a mean, the formula may be accepted or rejected, but is not a subject of what is commonly understood by proof.
Joshua Erik Rossi
Pain and pleasure, it's a sweet delectable combination. ~ Alexander Hudson
Jude Morgan
People argue themselves out of their pleasures
Julian Barnes
Remember the botched brothel-visit in L'Education sentimentale and remember its lesson. Do not participate: happiness lies in the imagination, not the act. Pleasure is found first in anticipation, later in memory.
Julian Barnes
And yet it takes only the smallest pleasure or pain to teach us time's malleability.
Julian Fellowes
Oliver did not seem to understand that the only real fulfilment on this earth was to be gained through hard work. Life as a series of momentary pleasures satisfied no one. He needed to make an investment in it, an investment of himself.
Junot Díaz
Here at last is her smile: burn it into your memory; you won't see it often.
Kahlil Gibran
Oftentimes in denying yourself pleasure you do but store the desire in the recesses of your being.Who knows but that which seems omitted today, waits for tomorrow?Even your body knows its heritage and its rightful need and will not be deceived.And your body is the harp of your soul,And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.
Kamand Kojouri
The only thing that prevents us from being happy is thinking.
Kamand Kojouri
Wonderment shared is doubled.Love shared is infinite.
Kamand Kojouri
My hours are filled with fantasy and indifference. In day and night dreams, I think of my heaven with you. All the time in between, I carelessly spend in hell without you.
Kamand Kojouri
We exist only to exist.
Kamand Kojouri
I've written you sixty-seven love poems.Here's another one for you.But really, for me.These poems are the candles that I light with the fire you have ignited in me.I place this candle here and another thereso even if the stars have argued with the moonand are sulking away in a corner, you can still find your way to me.Sixty-eight poems now. What does the future hold for us?Joy? Disappointment? Gentle caresses? And subtle neglect?I hope the good is more than the bad. Much more. For what is the point of loveif by lighting these candlesour own flame loses its brightness?I know the good is more than the bad. Much more.I cannot wait to write you sixty-nine.
Kamand Kojouri
Because even if you spend your life chasing the immaterial, listening to the most exquisite classical music and getting drunk off of stunning vistas of mountains and waterfalls, all of it isn't worth a dime if you aren't sharing it with someone. Everything amounts to that. True, we must experience most things in solitude to grow, create, destroy and grow again, but our pleasure and joy reaches a threshold in isolation. It is the worst thing to become an island. One must become the whole world.
Kamand Kojouri
What is life? Life is living in this moment, experiencing and experimenting but experience isn't life. Life is reflecting and meditating but reflection isn't life. Life is helping and guiding but philanthropy isn't life. Life is eating and drinking but food isn't life. Life is reading and dancing but art isn't life. Life is kissing and pleasuring but sex isn't life. Life is winning and losing but competition isn't life. Life is loving and caring but love isn't life. Life is birthing and nurturing but children aren't life. Life is letting go and surrendering but death isn't life. Life is all these things but all these things aren't life. Life is always more.
Kamand Kojouri
Is it odd, my love, that I envy others who have not met you for the intoxication they have yet to experience? Is it odd that I wish to witness you with new eyes so I may have the pleasure of falling for you all over again? I am grateful, so grateful, for knowing the meaning of your various sighs. For being the cause of your ecstatic cries. But, if only for a moment, I wish to let you fall out of my hands so that I may catch you again. You, my love, are the oddity. You are my exception.
Kamand Kojouri
Extremities are flawed. Moderation is ideal, save for one occasion.So damn these eyes that weep too much.This mind that thinks too much. But never this heart that loves too much.
Kamand Kojouri
I write because the security of your love allows me to develop my craft without concerning myself with trivialities
Kamand Kojouri
The best traveler is one without a camera.
Kamand Kojouri
I haven't written you a poem in years it seems.How can it be my faultwhen the words to describe you have not yet been created?When the alphabet lacks the very letters?How can it be my fault when your loveliness only growsby the time I reach for pen and paper?Tell me how I am at faultwhen I am only a beginner in poemsand you are exquisite poetry?To write you in words is to put a veil upon you.Why must I writewhen I can kiss you instead?
Kamand Kojouri
I write because the security of your love allows me to develop my craft without concerning myself with trivialities
Kilroy J. Oldster
The philosophical study of beauty, art, and the splendor of nature nurtures a person's fertile mind by exposing a person to the puzzling world of the beautiful, elegant, ugly, and grotesque. Human beings ability to experience sublime pleasure emanates from a variety of sensory experiences and a person's ability to make discriminatory observations and judgment in taste and sentiment.
Kilroy J. Oldster
The mind provides a person with the mental fortitude to survive any physical or spiritual crisis. For the present time, I am satisfying myself by building a little shop in the back of my mind, a place where stillness resides and a jangle of thoughts can come and visit. I am building a room of my own, a room that I can retreat to when needed, a place where I am always welcomed regardless of the trappings of this ordinary and finite life. I do not need much as far as earthy rewards, but I certainly will not spurn food, drink, companionship, love, affection, friendship, or other physical, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, and sensuous pleasures that find their way to my humble doorstep.
Kilroy J. Oldster
Parallel to tenderness and cruelty, the cataracts of pleasure and pain are interrelated. Painful and pleasurable sensations instruct us of our physical boundaries. The collective scorecard of physical pain and pleasurable sensations define the evolving self. Our internal clockworks comprised of remembrances of times past, both painful and pleasurable, provide each of us with a telling emotional autobiography. What we primarily recall
Kyle Idleman
God cannot and will not give us a sense of lasting pleasure apart from him, because it violates his purpose and our design. Psalm 34:8 reads, Taste and see that the LORD is good.
L.M. Montgomery
The world looks like something God had just imaged for his own pleasure, doesn't it?
L.M. Montgomery
We resent the thought that anything can please us when someone we love is no longer here to share the pleasure with us, and we almost feel as if we were unfaithful to our sorrow when we find out interest in life returning to us.
Laclos, Pierre Choderlos de
Siamo sinceri: noi nei nostri rapporti, tanto freddi quanto facili, chiamiamo felicità ciò che appena merita il nome di piacere.
Lailah Gifty Akita
It is better to seek the pain of heaven than the pleasure of hell.
Lailah Gifty Akita
The sweet pleasure of prayer, the grace of the soul.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Poetry gives the greatest pleasure.
Lailah Gifty Akita
How can you be bored? There are so many books to read!
Lailah Gifty Akita
If you can play with your pain, every day would be a party.
Lailah Gifty Akita
The joy of reading is sacred pleasure.
Lailah Gifty Akita
I read for pleasure and to acquire knowledge.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Man loves pleasure. But women desire purposeful commitment.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Deep pain awakens the pleasure of wonder.
Lailah Gifty Akita
We spend great sum of money to buy good books, so that we can satisfy our pleasure of reading.
Lailah Gifty Akita
Be watchful of the dangers of pleasure.
Lailah Gifty Akita
The state of no being, knows neither pleasure nor pain. It is purely divine.
Lailah Gifty, Akita
A man need is pain to be delivered from the pleasure of sin.
Lailah Gifty, Akita
The pleasure of sins is pain in the soul.
Laurent Binet
If Barthes, along with Bachelard, is one of those who have done most to enrich criticism during the last thirty years, it is not as a theoretician of a still hazy semiology, but as the champion of a new pleasure in reading.
Lawrence Durrell
You see, nothing matters except pleasure - which is the opposite of happiness, its tragic part, I expect.
Ljupka Cvetanova
The wind is blowing. Don't bend if you want to please him.
Mabel Iam
The kiss intimately relates to the most primitive kind of human contact, which can satisfy all of our needs, like: feeding, enjoying pleasure, tasting, wanting, rejecting, everything we associate with love.
Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage
Freedom, where are you? Who holds you back? [...] The mother of wit and pleasure, Oh freedom!
Marcellus Emants
Only a fool can be happy. For happiness consists of two contradictory elements: contentment and pleasure. Enjoy pleasure and you have no contentment; be content and you have no pleasure. For this reason happiness is conceivable only for those who enjoy themselves without thinking that they will always want more and thus be discontented, or for those who are content without thinking that they have no pleasure. Whoever reflects can never be happy, unless he is a fanatic and thus blinded…thus exercising control over his intelligence with his feelings, instead of the other way round
Marty Rubin
Enjoy the rainbow while it lasts and don't chase it when it's gone.
Marty Rubin
Obsession is the evil genie who turns pleasure into pain.
Mary Balogh
Why had peace given place so soon to turmoil? To two separate solitudes? Because peace had been without thought? Without...integrity?How could she have felt like that without love?Was love essential?Did it even exist - the love she had dreamed of her life?If it did, it was too late now for her to find it.Must she make do with this instead, then?Only this?Pleasure without love?
Mary Balogh
He wished someone in the course of history had thought of striking that word and all its derivatives from the English Language - happy, happier, happiest, happiness. What the devil did the words really mean anyway? Why not just the word pleasure, which was far more... well, pleasant.
Meister Eckhart
When God laughs at the soul and the soul laughs back at God, the persons of the Trinity are begotten. When the Father laughs at the Son and the Son laughs back at the Father, that laughter gives pleasure, that pleasure gives joy, that joy gives love, and that love is the Holy Spirit.
Michael Grant
A man without pleasure is a man without any idea what life is about
Michel de Montaigne
Did I know myself less, I might perhaps venture to handle something or other to the bottom, and to be deceived in my own inability; but sprinkling here one word and there another, patterns cut from severalpieces and scattered without design and without engaging myself too far, I am not responsible for them, or obliged to keep close to my subject, without varying at my own liberty and pleasure, and giving up myself to doubt and uncertainty, and to myown governing method, ignorance.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some men do not know the father of 'their' children.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
It was masturbation, not willpower, that made it possible for gazillions of women to walk down the aisle with their reputation and their hymen still intact.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
A premature death does not only rob one of the countless instances where one would have experienced pleasure, it also saves one from the innumerable instances where one would have experienced pain.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some people are so sexually unattractive that the thought of masturbating turns them off.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some women do not masturbate for pleasure; they masturbate to make a political statement: to remind us that women do not really need men (or at least not as much and as frequently as every single male chauvinist and every single misogynist believes).
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
A man cannot really be called (sexually) confident if he has never bought his woman a vibrator.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The human population would probably be way less than a thousand, if ejaculation were not usually accompanied by an orgasm.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Coco Chanel is said to have said that a girl should be two things: who and what she is. I say a girl should do two things: what and who she wants.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Most if not all sexually active people do not really love having sex; they merely love experiencing an orgasm every now and then.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
We are sometimes dragged into a pit of unhappiness by someone else's opinion that we do not look happy.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The primary goal of a righteous parent who has a daughter is to minimize the number of boys and men for whom their daughter will have willingly opened her legs come her wedding day; the closer to zero, the more righteous they will seem.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
We are, or rather our natural desire to evade pain and to attain pleasure is, the primary reason we do or say every single thing we do or say.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some women have been faking orgasms for so long that they sometimes fake one when they are masturbating.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Some people talk about other people's failures with so much pleasure that you would swear they are talking about their own successes.
Munia Khan
I grasp words for the sake of clutching My mind considers them heart touchingRight then I write for my reader's pleasureNot knowing what distance a soul can measure
Nadun Lokuliyanage
who gets the rare opportunity of spotting a treasure of memories lying among masses, stepping back to stroke it with a secret smile as your mind wanders back to those sleepless yet ecstatic nights you had spent together?only............a book lover.
Neil Gaiman
Sleep my little baby-ohSleep until you wakenWhen you wake you'll see the worldIf I'm not mistaken...Kiss a loverDance a measure,Find your nameAnd buried treasure...Face your lifeIts pain, Its pleasure,Leave no path untaken.
Neil Gaiman
Kiss a lover, Dance a measure, Find your name And buried treasure. Face your life, It's pain, It's pleasure, Leave no path untaken.
Neil Gaiman
Face your life, its pain, its pleasure, leave no path untaken.
Oscar Wilde
Pleasure is the only thing one should live for, nothing ages like happiness.
Peter Kreeft
The most total opposite of pleasure is not pain but boredom, for we are willing to risk pain to make a boring life interesting.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
There is no pleasure that I haven't made myself sick on.
For, let me tell you that the more the pleasures of the body fade away, the greater to me are the pleasure and charm of conversation.
Pravin Agarwal
Seek pleasure in work itself as in result you have no control.
Rita Mae Brown
I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.
Robert Wringham
Reading is important. It's not primarily escapism (though it can be, and there's nothing wrong with some of that in good measure) and it's not primarily a way of passing the time. Reading is important to the good life because it stokes the furnaces of our intellect, allows us to expand our understanding of the universe, both inner and outer, for practical gain and simple pleasure. It can induce awe, inspire respect, excite, piss off, and intrigue. These are things that make life worth living.
Roger Scruton
Then there are the fully intentional pleasures, which, although in some way tied up with sensory or perceptual experience, are modes of exploration of the world. Aesthetic pleasures are like this. Aesthetic pleasures are contemplative - they involve studying an object OUTSIDE of the self, to which one is GIVING something (namely, attention and all that flows from it), and not TAKING, as in the pleasure that comes from drugs and drinks. Hence such pleasures are not addictive - there is no pathway to reward that can be short-circuited here, and a serotonin injection is not a cheap way of obtaining the experience of PARISFAL or THE MERCHANT OF VENICE.
Roman Payne
I care not that this moment's lot was thin and sparsely dealt; all pleasures sweet can be forgot the instant they are felt.
Samuel Johnson
Poetry is the art of uniting pleasure with truth.
Samuel R. Delany
What's more, I was free to do anything that did not hurt others that strengthened me and helped me in the one thing that we are all put on this earth to do: help one another - because it is the only thing that, in the long run, gives us pleasure, as receiving love and friendship and affection is the only thing that gives us joy and ameliorates the dread of our inevitable extinction.
Seth Grahame-Smith
How pleasant it is to spend an evening in this way! I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!Spoken like one who has never known the ecstasy of holding a still-beating heart in her hand.
Sharon Weil
Pleasure feels better than pain. Make the pursuit of pleasure your guide.
Stephanie M. Wytovich
To make love is to give birth to death.
Steve Maraboli
Life is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Whether pleasure or pain; every situation in your life serves a purpose. It is up to us to recognize what that purpose could be.
Steven Kotler
When deeply religious subjects view sacred iconography or reflect on their notion of God, brain scans reveal hyperactivity in the caudate nucleus, a part of the pleasure system that correlates with feelings of joy, love, and serenity. But Lindstrom and Calvert found that this same brain region lights up when subjects view images associated with strong brands like Ferrari or Apple.
Sunday Adelaja
A man's life is not qualified by how much wealth, power, pleasure or control he has, but by the values of godliness he possesses.
Sunday Adelaja
You can only derive pleasure from work when it is in the sphere of your calling
Sunday Adelaja
When greed is enthroned, be it in a community or nation, ungodliness is celebrated at the altar of human pleasure.
Sunday Adelaja
Ungodliness is confronting the society and everyone seems to be at its mercy because of greed for pleasure.
Sunday Adelaja
The world lures people with its temptations and attractions, masking them with a cover of pleasure
Sunday Adelaja
One of the main roots of ungodliness is being a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God.
Swami Satchidananda
If you have done something meritorious, you experience pleasure and happiness; if wrong things, suffering. A happy or unhappy life is your own creation. Nobody else is responsible. If you remember this, you won't find fault with anybody. You are your own best friend as well as your worst enemy. (99)
Sydney Smith
The main question to a novel is -- did it amuse? were you surprised at dinner coming so soon? did you mistake eleven for ten? were you too late to dress? and did you sit up beyond the usual hour? If a novel produces these effects, it is good; if it does not -- story, language, love, scandal itself cannot save it. It is only meant to please; and it must do that or it does nothing.
T.C. Boyle
Pleasure, I remind myself, is inseparable from its lawfully wedded mate, pain.
T.M. Frazier
I wanted to see her sad. Taste her tears. I wanted to know what she sounded like when she cried. In pain, in pleasure, in both.
Thomas Hardy
People go on marrying because they can't resist natural forces, although many of them may know perfectly well that they are possibly buying a month's pleasure with a life's discomfort.
Vera Nazarian
Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind.Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.Suddenly, you know you are alive.
Veronica Franco
So sweet and delicious do I become,when I am in bed with a manwho, I sense, loves and enjoys me,that the pleasure I bring excels all delight,so the knot of love, however tightit seemed before, is tied tighter still.
Vikram Chandra
Ask him why there are hypocrites in the world.''Because it is hard to bear the happiness of others.''When are we happy?''When we desire nothing and realize that possession is only momentary, and so are forever playing.''What is regret?''To realize that one has spent one's life worrying about the future.''What is sorrow?''To long for the past.''What is the highest pleasure?''To hear a good story.
W. Somerset Maugham
To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.
W. Somerset Maugham
It is clear that men accept an immediate pain rather than an immediate pleasure, but only because they expect a greater pleasure in the future. Often the pleasure is illusory, but their error in calculation is no refutation of the rule. You are puzzled because you cannot get over the idea that pleasures are only of the sense; but, child, a man who dies for his country dies because he likes it as surely as a man eats pickled cabbage because he likes it.
Wendell Berry
More and more, we take for granted that work must be destitute of pleasure. More and more, we assume that if we want to be pleased we must wait until evening, or the weekend, or vacation, or retirement. More and more, our farms and forests resemble our factories and offices, which in turn more and more resemble prisons
Wendell Berry
Books were a dependable pleasure. I read more then than I ever was able to read again until now when I am too old to work much and am mostly alone.
Wendell Berry
Where is our comfort but in the free, uninvolved, finally mysterious beauty and grace of this world that we did not make, that has no price? Where is our sanity but there? Where is our pleasure but in working and resting kindly in the presence of this world? (pg. 215, Economy and Pleasure)
Wendell Berry
More and more, we take for granted that work must be destitute of pleasure. More and more, we assume that if we want to be pleased we must wait until evening, or the weekend, or vacation, or retirement. More and more, our farms and forests resemble our factories and offices, which in turn more and more resemble prisons
Wilhelm Reich
The reactionary of any kind condemns sexual pleasure because it stimulates and repulses him at the same time. He is unable to solve the conflict within him between sexual demands and moralistic inhibitions. The revolutionary refutes the perverse, unhealthy kind of pleasure, because it is not his kind of pleasure, because it is not the sexuality of the future, but the sexuality which results from the conflict between instinct and morals, the sexuality of authoritarian society, a debased, smutty, pathological sexuality.
William Shakespeare
Yes, faith; it is my cousin's duty to make curtsy and say 'Father, as it please you.' But yet for all that, cousin, let him be a handsome fellow, or else make another curtsy and say 'Father, as it please me.
Yuval Noah Harari
When an animal is looking for something that increases its chances of survival and reproduction (e.g. food, partners or social status), the brain produces sensations of alertness and excitement, which drive the animal to make even greater efforts because they are so very agreeable. In a famous experiment scientists connected electrodes to the brains of several rats, enabling the animals to create sensations of excitement simply by pressing a pedal. When the rats were given a choice between tasty food and pressing the pedal, they preferred the pedal (much like kids preferring to play video games rather than come down to dinner). The rats pressed the pedal again and again, until they collapsed from hunger and exhaustion