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Curtis Tyrone Jones
You are theremedy of intensityi need in my life, tospin me out of themiserable monotonyof working on life'sdaily assemblylines.
Curtis Tyrone Jones
The sun still lives his silent vows to the moon, by bowing to kiss her feet whenever she walks in the room.
Curtis Tyrone Jones
You play me with your jazz & leave me with the blues.
Curtis Tyrone Jones
In love madly,traveling though thelife-raft's unravelingin a beautiful tragedy,but gladly i'm stillpaddling throughthe oceanof youranatomy.
Kemi Sogunle
Don't let your focus be so much on how many times you go on a date but how you can build into one another, share and carry each other's vision, complement each other, develop a deeper level of friendship; grow spiritually together and make the little things meaningful. It's beyond the 100% but more about how committed and dedicated you are daily. Love can only truly exist, when you become selfless and focus less on what is in it for you.
Melanie Dickerson
I should like the woman I choose to be very honest, generous, and to have a sincere faith in God, rather than mindlessly following the rules.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Most women would each be left with fewer dreams or without a dream, if the institution of marriage were to be abolished.
Nike Thaddeus
Don't settleā€¦ The worst thing will be to find the man or woman that truly deserves you after you've married one who doesn't.
Solange nicole
Men still think women will like who they are, not realizing: it's what they can do for a woman that sets the man apart.