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Bryant McGill
We must throw out the old, fear-based thought-forms and evolve, and begin to live as higher beings of compassion.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
There are an incalculable number of things within me that I frantically wish to be emptied of, and despite my most earnest efforts to remove them, they remain. And it is Easter that reminds me that God empties out tombs.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
If I am sufficiently brave to extract the cancer of fear, I have effectively gutted my conviction that what stands before me is impossible.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
Sometimes the very things that we're expending our lives to sustain are the very things that are killing our ability to live. And against our blind and frequently raging protests, these are the very things that God let's die so that we can live.
J.R. Rim
Each day, the goal is to receive knowledge and remove ignorance. This reveals what we all search for. Wisdom.
Sanhita Baruah
the girl with a moustache they called me every now and thenIt's about time you wax your arms those who cared saidI faced the fears of the dreaded thread on my faceTo succumb every other week to the world's ways
Sunday Adelaja
We should get rid of these restricting attitudes and system of beliefs in order to remove obstacles in our way to the achievements of our goals and revealing our potential