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Ayushee Ghoshal, 4 AM Conversations with the Ghosts of Old Lovers
You make me feel like a firefly. Trapped in a belljar; starved for love.
Christian Simamora
Aku nggak membencimu. Aku hanya benci karena ternyata begitu sulit melupakanmu.
Christian Simamora
Terkadang,yang tak bisa kamu lupakan adalah seseorang yang tak pernah bisa kamu miliki.
Christian Simamora
Selingkuh: meninggalkan yang tak sempurnauntuk yang lebih tak sempurna.
Dennis Lehane
Some ghost of myself still lived back in the days when we'd shared a bed and talked of the future. But that love we'd had and those selves we'd been were gone, placed in a box like old photographs and letters you'd never read again.
E.A. Bucchianeri
... true evil needs no reason to exist, it simply is and feeds upon itself.
E.A. Bucchianeri
...Come on let's see the degree. Katherine unrolled her scroll displaying a long declaration in Latin affixed with a red seal proclaiming her a Master of Art. Imagine working for years to obtain a piece of paper we can hardly read Katherine joked. And to officially declare you have talent Suzy returned.
E.A. Bucchianeri
(The Mona Lisa), that really is the ugliest portrait I've seen, the only thing that supposedly makes it famous is the mystery behind it, Katherine admitted as she remembered her trips to the Louvre and how she shook her head at the poor tourists crowding around to see a jaundiced, eyebrow-less lady that reminded her of tight-lipped Washington on the dollar bill. Surely, they could have chosen a better portrait of the First President for their currency?
E.A. Bucchianeri
It was not curiosity that killed the goose who laid the golden egg, but an insatiable greed that devoured common sense.
E.A. Bucchianeri
Pops added,you know, they say if you don't vote, you get the government you deserve.And if you do, you never get the results you expected, (Katherine) replied.
E.A. Bucchianeri
While art thrives on the blazing colours of scandal, literature blossoms on the dark soil of tragedy.
E.A. Bucchianeri
It is unfortunate that in most cases when the sins of the father fall on the son it is because unlike God, people refuse to forgive and forget and heap past wrongs upon innocent generations.
E.A. Bucchianeri
Evil influence is like a nicotine patch, you cannot help but absorb what sticks to you.
E.A. Bucchianeri
If we danced and shared music, we'd be too busy en-joy-in' life to start a war.
E.A. Bucchianeri
If typos are God's way of keeping a writer humble, plot holes certainly keeps one on their knees.
E.A. Bucchianeri
So it's true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.
Erich Maria Remarque
We don't act like that because we are in good humor; we are in a good humor because otherwise we should go to pieces.
Eyden I.
It hurt when someone lies to you, and you know that. But you believe him instead because you love him.
Fakeer Ishavardas
Live joyfully this life. Once gone, who knows if we ever get it back. Atheists think we do not. Mystics say you will. Either way, chill.
Fakeer Ishavardas
After you die, a rare friend or family member may carry your memory throughout life. Most will forget you. As if you were never here.
Fakeer Ishavardas
Remember, you are as dispensable as the most indispensable king of kings, the mighty lord of silly worldly men.
Gillian Flynn
Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you?
Io Sakisaka
When you care about things, it ends up wearing you out.
John Green
There comes a time when we realize that our parents cannot save themselves or save us, that everyone who wades through time eventually gets dragged out to sea by the undertow-that, in short, we are all going
Joshua Pallarca
The sad part is you love her..... and she didn't love you back.
Khadija Rupa
Someday, even my existence would be felt.
Kirush Muser
Flowery tongues have thorny throats.
Lolah Runda
Never say you understand someone's pain if you haven't felt the same, because not only would you sound mocking but also ignorant.
Margaret Atwood
Why is it we want so badly to memorialize ourselves? Even while we're still alive. We wish to assert our existence, like dogs peeing on fire hydrants. We put on display our framed photographs, our parchment diplomas, our silver-plated cups; we monogram our linen, we carve our names on trees, we scrawl them on washroom walls. It's all the same impulse. What do we hope from it? Applause, envy, respect? Or simply attention, of any kind we can get?At the very least we want a witness. We can't stand the idea of our own voices falling silent finally, like a radio running down.
Mili Fay
It was a war, and in a war there are always casualties. Never winners, but always plenty of casualties.-- Nenya, The Water Warrior
Mili Fay
It was a war, and in a war there are always casualties. Never winners, but always plenty of casualties.
Raheem Kirlew
I not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of suffering
Shannon Perry
So while I was busy saving you from Hell,you were pushing me further to it; the poison murdering me well.
Slavoj Žižek
All too often, when we love somebody, we don't accept him or her as what the person effectively is. We accept him or her insofar as this person fits the co-ordinates of our fantasy. We misidentify [...] him or her
Winston Groom
I have suffered a loss, Forrest, far greater than my legs. It's my spirit, my soul, if you will. There is only a blank there now - medals where my soul used to be.
Woodrow Wilson
We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.