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Adelheid Manefeldt
I sit on a rock and watch children playingin the park belowThey don't see meOr know my thoughtsOr that you haven't calledBut I forgive them their indifference todayAbove me a crow cawsPerhaps he smells the crumbs on my dressOr my angerBut he flits away over the treesProbably has a homeProbably has a wifeProbably knew to callThe children leaveThe coffee in my can turns coldThe wind nips at meSome street lights flicker onBut I won't moveNot yetI will wait for the night to chase meBack where I came fromUp the empty streetTo a quiet house
Alain de Botton
It is in dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value. Acquaintance with grief turns out to be one of the more unusual prerequisites of architectural appreciation. We might, quite aside from all other requirements, need to be a little sad before buildings can properly touch us.
Alaska Gold
He carries stars in his pocketsbecause he knowsshe fears the dark.Whenever sadness pays her a visithe paints galaxieson the back of her hands.
Alberto Caeiro
I think about this, not like someone thinking, but like someone breathing,And I look at flowers and I smile...I don't know if they understand meOr if I understand them,But I know the truth is in them and in meAnd in our common divinityOf letting ourselves go and live on the EarthAnd carrying us in our arms through the contented SeasonsAnd letting the wind sing us to sleepAnd not have dreams in our sleep.
Alexandre Dumas
He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.
Alfa H
I did not willingly let half of my soul leave my body. It was torn from me. I still hear the ransomed moans. It calls to me for rescue, yet clings to its abductor.
Alfa H
You think it's easy to forget someone who made you look forward to tomorrow... And I hope you never experience convincing a paralyzed heart to keep on beating when it simply wants to die.
Alfred Tennyson
Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean, Tears from the depths of some devine despairRise in the heart, and gather to the eyes, In looking on the happy autumn fields, And thinking of the days that are no more.
Ali hassan hasan
Depression is my bestfriend
Alice Hoffman
Because we were Russian, sadness came naturally to us. But so did reading. In my family, a book was a life raft.
Allen Ginsberg
who journeyed to Denver, who died in Denver, who came back to Denver & waited in vain, who watched over Denver & brooded and loned in Denver and finally went away to find out the Time, & now Denver is lonesome for her heroes,
Alysha Speer
Depression weighs you down like a rock in a river. You don't stand a chance. You can fight and pray and hope you have the strength to swim, but sometimes, you have to let yourself sink. Because you'll never know true happiness until someone or something pulls you back out of that river--and you'll never believe it until you realize it was you, yourself who saved you.
Amaka Imani Nkosazana
Do not allow your happiness to be controlled by the thoughts of others. People are happy for you one minute and then the next they are looking down their noses at you. You have to find within yourself the kind of happiness that withstands the ups and downs of life. No one should have the power to limit or repress your happiness.
Amanda Craig
A hundred years ago, people had perfectly understood that you could die of a broken heart, now they thought you were making a fuss about nothing…Certain kinds of suffering are like radiation: they cause furious growth and mutation of the inner self.
Amit Howard
Amy Tan
too much happiness always overflowed into tears of sorrow.
Anderson Cooper
Politics was his passion, but he wasn't suited for the rough-and-tumble of the game. He felt things too deeply. There was no wall between his head and his heart.
Andrew Galasetti
No child should ever be too sad to play.
Angel Wagenstein
The fruit of empty hopes is more bitter than the saddest truth.
Ann Marie Aguilar
If you choose to be sad then you will be sad but there times you don't know why you're sad. Tears start flowing from your eyes.
Anna Gavalda
I never knew a sorrow that an hour of reading could not assuage, a great man had once said. Let's put it to the test.
Anne Carson
Come here, let me share a bit of wisdom with you.Have you given much thought to our mortal condition?Probably not. Why would you? Well, listen.All mortals owe a debt to death.There's no one alivewho can say if he will be tomorrow.Our fate moves invisibly! A mystery.No one can teach it, no one can grasp it.Accept this! Cheer up! Have a drink!But don't forget Aphrodite--that's one sweet goddess.You can let the rest go. Am I making sense?I think so. How about a drink.Put on a garland. I'm surethe happy splash of wine will cure your mood.We're all mortal you know. Think mortal.Because my theory is, there's no such thing as life,it's just catastrophe.
Anthon St. Maarten
If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer's day. Nothing stimulates our appetite for the simple joys of life more than the starvation caused by sadness or desperation. In order to complete our amazing life journey successfully, it is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse.
Anthony T. Hincks
Listen to the sadness,the echoes in my mind,the place where I usually hide,but now I cannot find.Why had it happened?What had I done?Where was I going?Now I'm on the run.Hiding from the echoes,the pounding in my ears,the beatings getting louder,it isn't death, I fear!
Anthony T.Hincks
It's when you sit alone with your thoughts that you begin to miss what you have left behind. That is when the tears start. That is when you feel so down. That is when you are the most vulnerable.But we can't change what is done. We can only hope that the fallout is not nuclear.
Anthony Trollope
The more she was absolutely in need of external friendship, the more disposed was she to reject it, and to declare to herself that she was prepared to stand alone in the world.
Armistead Maupin
Nobody's happy. What's happy? Happiness is over when the lights come on
Arthur C. Clarke
He did not know that the Old One was his father, for such a relationship was utterly beyond his understanding, but as he looked at the emaciated body he felt a dim disquiet that was the ancestor of sadness.
Arthur Conan Doyle
From the first day I met her, she was the only woman to me. Every day of that voyage I loved her more, and many a time since have I kneeled down in the darkness of the night watch and kissed the deck of that ship because I knew her dear feet had trod it. She was never engaged to me. She treated me as fairly as ever a woman treated a man. I have no complaint to make. It was all love on my side, and all good comradeship and friendship on hers. When we parted she was a free woman, but I could never again be a free man.
Arundhati Roy
But what was there to say?Only that there were tears. Only that Quietness and Emptiness fitted together like stacked spoons. Only that there was a snuffling in the hollows at the base of a lovely throat. Only that a hard honey-colored shoulder had a semicircle of teethmarks on it. Only that they held each other close, long after it was over. Only that what they shared that night was not happiness, but hideous grief.Only that once again they broke the Love Laws. That lay down who should be loved. And how. And how much.
Ashly Lorenzana
It took me years to stop feeling the guilt she made sure I kept feeling about what happened with him. He is a sick person that molests children, but I felt so bad about it for so long. I couldn't talk to a single person about any of this. No one. And she made me feel so bad about it all that I felt I shouldn't talk about it, even if there was someone. I felt ashamed and thought I was an awful person. Sometimes I still do. My mother abandoned me in the worst ways possible.
Ashly Lorenzana
You know all that sympathy that you feel for an abused child who suffers without a good mom or dad to love and care for them? Well, they don't stay children forever. No one magically becomes an adult the day they turn eighteen. Some people grow up sooner, many grow up later. Some never really do. But just remember that some people in this world are older versions of those same kids we cry for.
Ashmita Acharya
She imagined herself drowning along the tides of Sumendu Lake, down own into the depths of solemn solitude, splashing into the serenity of forever silence.
Asper Blurry
Maybe people like us can't be happy. Maybe we're too damaged and the only thing we can do is to learn how to hate ourselves a little less.
there's always been a little sadnessinside my happiness.i've never been able to separate the two.
through the rose glass window in their beautiful new home, you stare at the love you gave away.
and sadness clung to mebecause she did not knowhow to be alone.
there's always been a little sadness inside my happiness.i've never been able to separate the two.
Avijeet Das
And finally we get addicted to our sadness.
Avina Celeste
Don't bottle up your emotions and hide them from everyone around you. There is a reason that you have emotional reactions, they serve to tell you when something is wrong. So-called bad emotions such as anger and sadness cannot just be pushed aside and forgotten about. Emotions must be relieved somehow and if not consciously by you then they will relieve themselves in an unfavorable form. There is no reason that you should be dealing with an overpowering feeling of rage and sadness. I'm not telling you to verbally assault people every time they make you angry to relieve yourself; instead, I am telling you to deal with the cause of your bad emotions. When you find that your emotions are flaring up, deal, quickly, with the thing that is causing them.
Ayelet Waldman
As if one's capacity for pain had anything to do with life's apportionment of agonies, Mr. Kimmelbrod thought. Such idiocy.
Bamigboye Olurotimi
No one can please a man who is not at peace with himself.
Barbara Wersba
Dear Miss Pomeroy, I am saddened by the things I do not know. There are hundreds--thousands--of books in the world and I will never be able to read all of them.I am old.Walter
Barney Stinson
You know what Marshall needs to do. He needs to stop being sad. When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story.
Benjamin J. Carey
At the end of the day your ability to connect with your readers comes down to how you make them feel.
Bernhard Schlink
What a sad story, I thought for so long. Not that I now think it was happy. But I think it is true, and thus the question of whether it is sad or happy has no meaning whatever.
Billie Letts
Only Certain offered no enticements, for she knew nothing could ease the pain. Not books or photography or food. Not even love.
Brian Jacques
Don't be ashamed to weep; 'tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us.
C. JoyBell C.
There is some kind of a sweet innocence in being human- in not having to be just happy or just sad- in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time.
C.S. Lewis
And the worst thing about it was that you began to feel as if you had always lived on that ship, in that darkness, and to wonder whether sun and blue skies and wind and birds had not been only a dream.
C.S. Lewis
Gran parte de una desgracia cualquiera consiste, por así decirlo, en la sombra de la desgracia, en la reflexión sobre ella. Es decir en el hecho de que no se limite uno a sufrir, sino que se vea obligado a seguir considerando el hecho de que sufre.
Camille Claudel
I have fallen into an abyss. I live in a world so curious, so strange. Of the dream that was my life, this is my nightmare.
Carizza Bright
I said that I love you , and there's no responce from you.It's like i am eating a dark chocolate,too bitter
Carl R White
All I have is me, myself and I and we are all getting really tired of each other.
Carl R White
They say the distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success, I believe you can say the same thing about the distance between good and evil.
Carl Sagan
Life is but a momentary glimpse of the wonder of this astounding universe, and it is sad to see so many dreaming it away on spiritual fantasy.
Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Every piece of that marvelous world was a silent tear.
Carrie Lynn Jones (Immel)
Purpose in the sufferingA crisis-- the kind that knocks the wind out of ya, the kind that makes your blood run cold and alters your perception of all you think your reality is. THAT kind of crisis brings us not only to our knees, but smack-dab with every question we've ever pondered on God's existence. There is purpose in the suffering. It MAKES us ask eternal questions with eternal answers. Often that's what it takes to wake us up. The suffering is actually merciful, from a God who would literally do ANYTHING to get us to run into His arms.
Casey Renee Kiser
I amBroken single motherDisconnected loverSlow motion dresserDark secret confessorWhite flag trendProfessional dead end
Cass van Krah
Your world is just as empty as your heart!
Cassandra Clare
She had loved him for such a long time, she thought. How was it that she did now know him at all?
Cassandra Clare
She was completely alone in the world. There was no one at all for her. No one in the world who cared whether she lived or died. Sometimes the horror of that thought threatened to overwhelm her and plunge her down into a bottomless darkness from which there would be no return. If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?
Cathryn Alpert
Within sadness lives a happiness deeper than any pain.
Cesar Nikko Caharian III
My secret to happiness? Keep sadness to yourself
Charles Dickens
The boy was lying, fast asleep, on a rude bed upon the floor; so pale with anxiety, and sadness, and the closeness of his prison, that he looked like death; not death as it shews in shroud and coffin, but in the guise it wears when life has just departed; when a young and gentle spirit has, but an instant, fled to Heaven: and the gross air of the world has not had time to breathe upon the changing dust it hallowed.
Charlotte Eriksson
I know there are days when even one single positive thought feels like too much effort, but you must develop an unconditional love for life. You must never lose your childish curiosity for the possibilities in every single day. Who you can be, what you can see, what you can feel and where it can lead you. Be in love with your life, everything about it. The sadness and the joys, the struggles and the lessons, your flaws and strengths, what you lose and what you gain.
Chief Seattle
My people are few. They resemble the scattering trees of a storm-swept plain...There was a time when our people covered the land as the waves of a wind-ruffled sea cover its shell-paved floor, but that time long since passed away with the greatness of tribes that are now but a mournful memory.
Christine de Pizan
[A] person whose head is bowed and whose eyes are heavy cannot look at the light.
Cindy L. Rodriguez
I care about you as people, and I believe you are capable of great things. Each of you will contribute something to this world. You are important. You would be missed.
Cindy L. Rodriguez
Because no one can make another person happy, said George. He was happy when he was with me, but otherwise he wasn't. That's not enough. I mean, in a relationship, you have your ups and downs, sure, and you help each other through, but if a person is genuinely unhappy, it won't work. No amount of love or laughter from the other person can fix that. Each person has to love and laugh on their own They need to feel it for real, deep down, in here.
Claudia Gray
Sometimes, hope is even harder to bear than grief.
Clive Barker
Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.
Corey Ann Haydu
We have to give up so many things when the people we love die. So we hang on to other familiar things.
Cornelia Funke
How ridiculous that water ran out of your eyes when your heart hurt. Tragic heroines in books tended to be amazingly beautiful. Not a word about swollen eyes or a red nose. Crying always gives me a red nose, thought Elinor. I expect that's why I'll never be in any book.
Craig D. Lounsbrough
If I can draw the slightest smile across a single face obliterated by pain, in that act I will have begun to understand the power of an ordinary human being to perform the seemingly impossible in the life of another human being. And how can that experience do anything less than drive me to try and make the world smile.
Criss Jami
If you want to know how negative you are, pay attention to how much you hate negativity in other people. Fragile, artificial positivity needs always to be surrounded by more positivity in order to stay positive, but the ability to be positive, happy, and even, at times, appreciative around 'negative people' is the mark of real positivity.
Criss Jami
A poet should be so crafty with words that he is envied even for his pains.
Criss Jami
It is in the nature of man to want what he does not have. This modern concern for happiness seems a real testimony of its absence.
Criss Jami
I enjoy melancholic music and art. They take me to places I don't normally get to go.
Criss Jami
One's suffering, one's melancholy is, in itself, really only looked upon as failure or as punishment, as detestable or sinful or socially unacceptable in the eyes of man; but this is not so in the eyes of God: for He is close to the broken-hearted.
Criss Jami
If a man cannot understand the beauty of life, it is probably because life never understood the beauty in him.
Dana Johnson
Maybe not today, Maybe not tomorrow. But somewhere down the line, there has to be a light.
Daniel Clausen
Sometimes I think if we didn't have these problems the whole world would stop spinning on her axis, we'd all stop spinning on our axises, axes, or whatever you want to call them, and then we'd have to settle into the nasty business of finding a way to be happy.
Darnell Lamont Walker
On that search for happiness we did nothing with all those other emotions that made us human.
David Benedict Zumbo
Happiness is that which occurs when you know what sadness is, and that you possess neither it nor the attributes of it. So is sadness, that you know what happiness is, and that you possess neither happiness nor its attributes.
David Thewlis
I want that. I want that awful intense and serious unhappiness, cos then I might feel better, and then I might be happy.
Dazai Osamu
My heart had melted into something akin to a sensation of happiness, peace of mind one might even say, at the realization that I had now reached the very bottom of agony.
Debasish Mridha
Your tears proves that you are an emotional human being; love, joy, sadness and misery touches you deeply.
Debasish Mridha
I often cry, not from sadness, from the joy of the miraculous beauty of life.
Debasish Mridha
Rainbows paint the sky with different colors of love, sadness, and joy.
Debasish Mridha
I have no words to express my sadness, grief, and frustration. I never thought Bengali people could do such a heinous and atrocious thing. My heart goes out to those innocent victims and their families.
Denice Envall
I miss you in waves and tonight I'm drowning. You left me fending for my life and it feels like you're the only one who can bring me back to the shore alive.
Denice Envall
You think being dead inside is bad until someone brings you back to life and stabs you in the chest without the intention of killing you.
Denice Envall
I fell for you and I fell hard. You bruised my knees and my heart to the point where I will do everything in my power never to fall for anyone again. It's safer to stay on your feet. I would rather walk through life completely without love - empty; than crawl through what's been pumping through my veins one more time.
Denice Envall
I loved you at your worst, and you were always at your worst. Nothing could stop me. Not even you.
Denice Envall
To me, you were more than just a person. You were a place where I finally felt at home.
Diet Eman
Her face expressed suffering so deep that I will never forget it; her eyes radiated a deep sadness...Mrs. Folmer was oppressed by that special sadness, perhaps the most horrible torture, of those who had no idea what happened to their loved ones.
Dominic Riccitello
You didn't understand the poem, but that was because it wasn't for you. It was for me to understand the pain you put me through.
Donna Lynn Hope
How much pain a person detains may be proportionate to the pain they spare others when they'd rather hurt than hurt another.
Dr. Seuss
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
E.A. Bucchianeri
So it's true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.
Edgar Allan Poe
I do believe God gave me a spark of genius, but he quenched it in misery.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don't think it's possible for you to miss me as much as I'm missing you right now
Elizabeth Wilson
Kiana loved birds, Breena told him late one dusky evening. When she was just a few summers old, she would run beneath them as they flew, her chubby arms stretched out as if tmo take flight alongside them. She sniffed and wrapped her arms around her stomach. A few weeks before the attack, she told me that she was still going to fly one day. 'I look at the birds, and I see freedom,' she said. 'To soar above the hurt of the world, to be too high for the wars of men to touch you: that is what it means to fly.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Laugh, and the world laughs with you;Weep, and you weep alone;For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,But has trouble enough of its own.
Emilie Autumn
It is this, not the spirits, that frightens us; shall we never be free, even after we die?
Emily Brontë
Because misery, and degradation, and death, and nothing that God or Satan could inflict would have parted us, you, of your own will did it. I have no broken your heart - you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine. So much the worse for me that I am strong.
Emily Dickinson
One need not be a chamber to be haunted.
Erin Fall Haskell
Spiritual awakening is an identity shift. You are God!
Erma Bombeck
When God Created MothersWhen the Good Lord was creating mothers, He was into His sixth day of overtime when the angel appeared and said. You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one. And God said, Have you read the specs on this order? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic. Have 180 moveable parts...all replaceable. Run on black coffee and leftovers. Have a lap that disappears when she stands up. A kiss that can cure anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair. And six pairs of hands. The angel shook her head slowly and said. Six pairs of hands.... no way. It's not the hands that are causing me problems, God remarked, it's the three pairs of eyes that mothers have to have. That's on the standard mode
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
until it is taken out of your mind, it is never lost and it is never gone
Esther Earl
I'm not sure if it was entirely sadness that caused the tears, but there was so much love. And that's all that mattered. Despite the fear, despite the sadness, despite the pain, there was love.
Eva Ibbotson
When you're sad, my Little Star, go out of doors. It's always better underneath the open sky.
It's so touching to see so much regret in the eyes of people when they say. 'I have no regrets in life
Eyden I.
It hurt when someone lies to you, and you know that. But you believe him instead because you love him.
Eyden I.
Hello PeopleAfter having trouble from suffer and hatredI'd like the world to know the charm of sadnessI will never be far away, but always among youA deadly game and the rules are very simpleYou need only to follow the simplicityDie or Suffer Make your choice
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Was it the infinite sadness of her eyes that drew him or the mirror of himself that he found in the gorgeous clarity of her mind?
Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Before you came,things were as they should be:the sky was the dead-end of sight,the road was just a road, wine merely wine.Now everything is like my heart,a color at the edge of blood:the grey of your absence, the color of poison, of thorns,the gold when we meet, the season ablaze,the yellow of autumn, the red of flowers, of flames,and the black when you cover the earthwith the coal of dead fires.And the sky, the road, the glass of wine?The sky is a shirt wet with tears,the road a vein about to break,and the glass of wine a mirror in whichthe sky, the road, the world keep changing.Don't leave now that you're here
Faraz Ahmed Rizwan
People don't hurt, But Expectations from people give you sadness.
Federico García Lorca
Look at the longing, the anguish of a sad fossil world / that cannot find the accent of its first sob.
Fernando Pessoa
Ah! The anguish, the vile rage, the despairOf not being able to expressWith a shout, an extreme and bitter shout,The bleeding of my heart.
Frances Ivy
Sometimes the nicest people are the ones who've been hurt the most
Francine Prose
I waited for dawn, but only because I had forgotten how hard mornings were. For a second I'd be normal. Then came the dim awareness of something off, out of place. Then the truth came crashing down and that was it for the rest of the day. Sunlight was reproof. Shouldn't I feel better than I had in the dead of night.
Friedrich Nietzsche
What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: 'This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more' ... Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: 'You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
how anxiously I yearned for those I had forsaken.
Gabriel García Márquez
Fermina Daza había rechazado a Florentino Ariza en un destello de madurez que pagó de inmediato con una crisis de lástima, pero nunca dudó de que su decisión había sido certera.
Gabrielle Zevin
Someday, we'll run into each other again, I know it.Maybe I'll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens,that's when I'll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you can't hook your boat to mine, because I'm liable to sink us both.
Gail Honeyman
These days, loneliness is the new cancer - a shameful, embarrassing thing, brought upon yourself in some obscure way. A fearful, incurable thing thing, so horrifying that you dare not mention it; other people don't want to hear the word spoken aloud for fear that they might too be afflicted, or that it might tempt fate into visiting a similar horror upon them.
George Eliot
What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life--to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in all pain, to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting?
George Eliot
There is much pain that is quite noiseless; and vibrations that make human agonies are often a mere whisper in the roar of hurrying existence. There are glances of hatred that stab and raise no cry of murder; robberies that leave man or woman forever beggared of peace and joy, yet kept secret by the sufferer
George Harrison
Some things take so longBut how do I explainWhen not too many peopleCan see we're all the sameAnd because of all their tearsYour eyes can't hope to seeThe beauty that surrounds themNow, isn't it a pity
George MacDonald
She could now be sad without losing a jot of hope. Nay, rather, the least approach of sadness would begin at once to wake her hope. She regretted nothing that had come, nothing that had gone. She believed more and more that not anything worth having is ever lost; that even the most evanescent shades of feeling are safe for those who grow after their true nature, toward that for which they were made
Geraldine Solon
A lesson for all of us is that for every loss, there is victory, for every sadness, there is joy, and when you think you've lost everything, there is hope.
Gertrude Atherton
The amusements of life, he argued, should be accepted with the same philosophy as its ills. (The Striding Place)
Gift Gugu Mona
From the sadness, learn something; from the happiness, learn something. From the setback, learn something and even from the success learn something. Never stop learning from any situation in life, for that is where the wisdom lies.
Guillaume Apollinaire
Joy came always after pain.
Gustave Flaubert
How badly arranged the world is. What is the purpose of ugliness, suffering, sadness? Why our powerless dreams? Why everything?
H.P. Lovecraft
In search of Truth the hopeful zealot goes,But all the sadder tums, the more he knows!
H.S. Crow
You are sorrow. You exist, even if joy is present. You're not like them. You're not like any other emotion. Hate and fear come and go, but you exist even when the breeze is clear of sadness. You are permanent and needed.
Habeeb Akande
It is sad that people need alcohol to make them happy.
What does life give me in the end but sorrow?What do love's good and evil send but sorrow?I've only seen one true companion - pain,And I have known no faithful friend but sorrow.
Hafikah WC
Not all scars show, not all wounds heal. Often we don't see, the pain someone feels.A broken heart is like having broken ribs.No one can see but hurts everytime you breathe.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
For how imperiously, how coolly, in disregard of all one's feelings, does the hard, cold, uninteresting course of daily realities move on! Still we must eat, and drink, and sleep, and wake again, - still bargain, buy, sell, ask and answer questions, - pursue, in short, a thousand shadows, though all interest in them be over; the cold, mechanical habit of living remaining, after all vital interest in it has fled.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Death! Strange that there should be such a word, and such a thing, and we ever forget it; that one should be living, warm and beautiful, full of hopes, desires and wants, one day, and the next be gone, utterly gone, and forever!
Haruki Murakami
Even so, there were times I saw freshness and beauty. I could smell the air, and I really loved rock 'n' roll. Tears were warm, and girls were beautiful, like dreams. I liked movie theaters, the darkness and intimacy, and I liked the deep, sad summer nights.
Hasil Paudyal
May be its mine bad-luck Or yours not to get me But I still have hope Of being yours
Heidi R. Kling
What made the difference between choosing to die and deciding to live?Was it the weight of sadness that buckled them over and dragged them away from all sane, rational thoughts with an anchor of hopelessness so intense they just gave up fighting?
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I do not believe anyone can be perfectly well, who has a brain and a heart
Hideaki Sorachi
Tears are handy for washing away troubling and sad feelings. But when you grow up, you'll learn that there are things so sad, they can never be washed away by tears. That there are painful memories that should never be washed away. So people who are truly strong laugh when they want to cry. They endure all of the pain and sorrow while laughing with everybody else.
Hjalmar Söderberg
Jag tror på köttets lust och på själens obotliga ensamhet.
Imania Margria
To overcome the sadness of our hearts, we must remember the joys of our lives.
Irina Binder
You know what my father told me when I was little, one day, when he found me crying? He told me that God gave people a fixed number of tears and are of two kinds: tears of sadness and tears of happiness. And that I should not waste my tears elsewhere, but keep them for the moments of happiness. Would be a shame to not have tears to cry then ...
Sadness is not the beginning or end of a process, but the lag between pleasure and happiness.
As she looks through the window; while seeing him give her his world, tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembers the world she once had.
J.D. Robb
I had that hole in me, that empty space. I could have lived my life with it, content enough. I wasn't an unhappy man......................The tears came now. He watched them drip down her cheeks, wondered if she were even aware they leaked out of her. She was part of my life. You are my life. If I have a regret, it's that even for an instant you could think otherwise. Or that I allowed you to.-Roarke
J.K. Rowling
Ma è commovente, Severus osservò Silente, serio.Ti sei affezionato al ragazzo, dopotutto?A lui? Urlò Piton Expecto Patronum!Dalla punta della sua bacchetta affiorò la cerva d'argento: atterrò sul pavimento dell'ufficio, fece un balzo e si tuffò fuori dalla finestra. Silente la guardò volar via e quando il suo bagliore argenteo svanì si rivolse a Piton, con gli occhi pieni di lacrime.Dopo tutto questo tempo?Sempre rispose Piton.
J.R. Johansson
Everything I've ever known is death and pain; being drenched in life feels good.
J.R.R. Tolkien
Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I goTo heal my heart and drown my woeRain may fall, and wind may blowAnd many miles be still to goBut under a tall tree will I lieAnd let the clouds go sailing by
Jackson Pearce
It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty. It hurts us.
Jalaluddin Rumi
If you desire healing,let yourself fall illlet yourself fall ill.
Jandy Nelson
My sister will die over and over again for the rest of my life. Grief is forever. It doesn't go away; it becomes a part of you, step for step, breath for breath. I will never stop grieving Bailey because I will never stop loving her. That's just how it is. Grief and love are conjoined, you don't get one without the other. All I can do is love her, and love the world, emulate her by living with daring and spirit and joy.
Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Obsessive love wears down both its target and the obsessor.
Janvier Chouteu-Chando
There are times in life when we need to allow a sad memory to run its course.
Janvier Chouteu-Chando
… there is no permanence or guarantee in this life.
Jasmine Warga
I will be stronger than my sadness.
Jayme Karales
Most will do what's comfortable because, let's face it, we all like guarantees. Working a draining 9-to-5 will guarantee that your rent is paid on time, it'll guarantee that your loans will be taken care of, it'll guarantee you three square meals every night of the week. What if you broke down an entire lifetime of guarantees and found that your most prized moments consisted of standard, fragmented memories; high school dances, learning how to drive a car, graduating college… It's almost as if you stopped living life the moment your education ended, the moment it was time to 'grow up' and 'get a real job.
Jean Racine
A tragedy need not have blood and death; it's enough that it all be filled with that majestic sadness that is the pleasure of tragedy.
Jeanette Winterson
Our own front door can be a wonderful thing, or a sight we dread; rarely is it only a door.
Jeanne DuPrau
Now Doon seemed to care for his new friends more than he did for her. Every time she thought about him she felt a thud of pain, like a bruised place inside her.
Jenim Dibie
I have these knives in my chest that can't become words.
Jenim Dibie
Depression is like waking up and opening the blinds because your plants need sunlight, but it's 8p.m. It's always 8p.m and you keep apologizing for it.
Jenim Dibie
This empty shell holds nothing but the echoes of what was.
Jenim Dibie
You are alone,So alone,You speak back to silence.People call it loneliness,You call it solitude,Different words,Meaning the same pain.
Jenim Dibie
The most beautiful things often stand alone.
Jenim Dibie
I keep breaking things, as if to see what's going on inside of me.
Jennifer Salaiz
I was in the biggest breakdown of my life when I stopped crying long enough to let the words of my epiphany really sink in. That whore, karma, had finally made her way around, and had just bitch-slapped me right across the face. The realization only made me cry harder.
Jeremy Aldana
Insecurities have the ability to shape and mold our minds to live with everything that's bad; like crying on the inside, while smiling on the outside…thus creating pain…but, alas, I have the answer; forget about what you thought and enjoy (embrace) what you feel
Jeremy Aldana
I am intrigued by the smile upon your face, and the sadness within your eyes
Jessica Sorensen
I just let the pain take over, allowing it to numb the pain of being left behind.
Jim Morrison
I'll never wake up in a good mood again.I'm tired of these stinky boots
I feel so lonely every night and every day and I still push everyone away…
I can't get her out of my head
The difference is,Now I cant call you anymore…I cant hear your calming voice,I cant hear your wordsThat made me always feel better,Now I am just all aloneIn this dark and cold room
Jodi Picoult
Clearly God was in some kind of mood on my birthday.
Joe Peters
I guess to their wide, innocent eyes it all seemed like normal family life because they had never known any different. In fact, I was the only one who had lived with anyone else, the only one that realized that life didn't have to be this terrifying and this painful all the time
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I have so much in me, and the feeling for her absorbs it all; I have so much, and without her it all comes to nothing.
John Fowles
The two of us in that room. No past, no future. All intense deep that-time-only. A feeling that everything must end, the music, ourselves, the moon, everything. That if you get to the heart of things you find sadness for ever and ever, everywhere; but a beautiful silver sadness, like a Christ face.
John Green
The champagne had been donated by one of Gus's doctors - Gus being the kind of person who inspires doctors to give their best bottles of champagne to children.
John Green
The times that were most fun seemed always to be followed by sadness now, because it was when life started to feel like it did when she was with us that we realized how utterly gone she was.
John Grogan
. . . owning a dog always ended with this sadness because dogs just don't live as long as people do.
John Keats
When by my solitary hearth I sit,When no fair dreams before my mind's eye flit,And the bare heath of life presents no bloom;Sweet Hope, ethereal balm upon me shed,And wave thy silver pinions o'er my head.
John Keats
No one can usurp the heights...But those to whom the miseries of the worldAre misery, and will not let them rest.
John Lennon
When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.
John Mark Green
Sadness is a bruise on the skin of memory.
John Mark Green
When sorrow's cup is filled up to the brim,the slightest touch of memory can cause tears to spill again.
John Steinbeck
It's one of the great fallacies, it seems to me, said Lee, that time gives much of anything but years and sadness to a man.And memory.Yes, memory. Without that, time would be unarmed against us.
John Zea
SUICIDE... Is to have the freedom to choose, when, where and how to die.
John Zea
Many people will tell that it is not for a man to cry, but they may not know how is to feel your head empty and only tears will come out to stand up for you.
John Zea
I'm not afraid to dieno today . . . maybe tomorrow.But I'll not dieno today . . . maybe tomorrow.Tomorrow I will go awayfrom this life that I've just borrowed!