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Amit Kalantri
It is the sweat of the servants that make their squire look smart.
Amit Kalantri
The smell of the sweat is not sweet, but the fruit of the sweat is very sweet.
Anthony Liccione
The chains that break you, are the chains that make you. And the chains that make you, are the chains you break.
Avijeet Das
Dreams are achieved by blood, sweat, tears, and an iron-will!
Avijeet Das
Dreams are achieved by blood, sweat, tears and an iron-will!
Emory R. Frie
Blood, sweat, and tea, sister! That's what it takes to achieve all great and terrible things.
Israelmore Ayivor
Most times, the leader's ornament isn't the smiles you see on their faces during the time of victory. It is the sweats we don't see when they were struggling behind the scenes.
Israelmore Ayivor
Early sweats make up later pleasures
Entah mengapa, mendadak dia merasa bahwa berkenalan dengan si pemilik nama itu sepertinya akan menyenangkan.
Ah, ya, omong-omong, aku sangat merindukanmu. Apa kau merindukanku juga, mmm?
Joseph Bathanti
The clock sweats out each minuteof what meat is left to us.
Matshona Dhliwayo
The garden of your dreams is watered by the sweat of excellence.
Steve Maraboli
When people tell me they can't afford to join a gym, I tell them to go outside; planet Earth is a gym and we're already members. Run, climb, sweat, and enjoy all of the natural wonder that is available to you.
Sunday Adelaja
You work hard and sweat it out only when doing something for which you were not born
Tahir Shah
Real terror is a crippling experience. You sweat so much that your skin goes all wrinkly like when you've been in the bath all afternoon. And then the scent of your sweat changes. It smells like cat pee, no doubt from the adrenalin. However hard you wash, it won't come off. It smothers you, as your muscles become frozen with acid and your mind paralysed by despair.